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Data. Sport. Healthcare. Combo !

May 24, 2017 Posted /  4257 Views

Data. Sport. Healthcare. Combo !

These three components suit so well together that it’s only a matter of time when somebody combines it in a great app. 

For many years people talk about big data and data-driven projects. In 2020, according to Wikibon, the big data industry will raise to $61 milliard, every year it comes with another increase up to 17%. No wonder that people are speaking of big data as something that is becoming mainstream.

We don’t know about every industry, but healthcare is definitely going into big data direction. In the United States, for example, healthcare started to transform with the Triple Aim program when everybody looked into the future and decided to continue with better care without big investments. 

New technologies promise a flood of molecular, environmental, and behavioral patient information that is being analyzed to make medicine better. It depends on a region, clinic and investments into technology and big data, but you can hear about data-driven healthcare from every corner of the Earth.

Sport is taking slower steps into this direction, but it also considers data-driven techniques and prognoses. For example, the Wimbledon 2016  tennis championship used data to predict the most interesting content and news to the visitors during the event. 

Today we don’t want to talk about something big in terms of events or campaigns. We want to look into the future of everyday routine and processes that can become hits with combination of current data trend, sport and healthcare in one place.

What will happen with fitness activities and experiences if we combine data-driven techniques, sport and medicine in one fitness profile for every user or in one mobile app?


1. Data-driven healthcare gives you an opportunity to store the whole illness history of one person in single place with every new case added to the list immediately.

2. It also provides you with a complete profile of the user data such as current weight, height, etc.

3. It gives you an opportunity to predict the illnesses and gives precautions to avoid catching the cold. 


1. Data-driven sport experience gives you the full story of your fitness progress and all your trainings.

2. It also analyses your progress and gives you predictions of weight loss or other things you want to achieve based on your past experiences.

If we simply combine these two sides we’ll get the additional options and features such as individually calculated diets based on real history of every person and individual training suggestions according to current shape, abilities and goals. 

If we add the calendar with weather prognosis here (another usage of data!), we could also calculate better days for various training sessions and much more! Just imagine a mobile app on your phone that can do everything mentioned above, isn’t it going to be cool?


Well, we are not imagining the magical pill that will solve many problems, but such combination can really help fitness consultant to create the best training for you and give doctors an opportunity to measure the impact of every training on you health accurately and on time. 

According to current trends and quickness of technological evolvement, we can say that we’ll see such apps in no time. Even now we have different data-driven applications that can help you to solve parts of the issue. 

For example, the DOC+ app for calling a doctor to your home accumulates the data of the users (including their cases and past calls history) in a single profile for doctors to monitor and review before a new meeting with a patient. Different fitness clubs have apps that allow every person to monitor the progress of their trainings in their personal profile. Such statistics are also present in Sportlife Application  that our team created not so long ago. You can find parts of this ideal combination we wrote about almost in every modern app for healthcare or fitness. 

We also need to highlight that no app will replace the medical specialist or great fitness instructor, but such applications based on integrated data can make their lives and lives of every user so much easier and precise in terms of medical and sport prognosis. 

Will the combo happen next year or year after? Do we need to wait another five years? We think that answer awaits in the near future. 

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