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Danish Woman Faces Attempted Murder charges for Paying Bitcoin to a fake Dark Web Assassin

Dec 12, 2017 Posted /  1177 Views

Danish Woman Faces Attempted Murder charges for Paying Bitcoin to a fake Dark Web Assassin

The Dark Web is full of Opportunist and ‘self-Proclaimed Criminals’

Dark Web sites comprises of uses hiding their real identities using funny profile pictures and usernames. In the real world the users could be anybody ranging from a bored teenager in his Bedroom in the United states trying to make a couple of bucks off the internet to real criminals and gangs. Worst still government agents and police detectives roam the dark web sites pretending to be real-time criminals or clients looking to hire some criminals to finish a job. All in all, its very hard to trust anybody on the dark web as no one can verify what someone claims he is.

Unfortunately, some people think orchestrating major crimes like assassination is as easy as ordering for a pizza delivery online which is not true. It’s not right to spend your Bitcoin or think of getting it from darknet platforms. Interpol and very many governments have pooled resources together to curb over the counter criminals available for hire on the darkweb or any such online platforms. A mere attempt to visit a dark web sites is an act of inviting the cops to your door. Just know the state is always one step ahead of you as your try to use millions of layers of firewalls to avoid being detected on the darkweb in some way security groups will still nail you down.

Clean Criminals trying to Exploit Bitcoin in dark web sites

A renown gang group, the Chechen gangsters are assumed to be the organization behind crimebay the darknet site a Danish woman tried unsuccessfully to find an assassin from. Sites like crimebay has been around the internet for years with a series of twisted conspiracies going around them every time. Even though no confirmation has been made for a successful murder ordered online users still continue flocking darknet platforms spending millions of dollars trying to pay up for a crime which is naturally very hard to verify.

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In this particular website crimebay the buyer would make their order and pays for the fees in Bitcoin which the site automatically holds in an escrow account. The job is done a message is sent to the customer with a link to a video proof and the funds transferred to the sellers account. Customers can use other means like social media and local news to confirm that the job has been completed.

People trying to retaliate over small domestic disputes might think it’s all easy to end the lives of their spouses using the darkweb forgetting how the states work to protect lives. According to a local news report the woman carelessly submitted her home address and a photograph of the victim to the site and tried to give some specifications on how the murder should go down.

A Dark Web Assassin Gone Rogue

It was all luck for the victim as the plan to assassinate him failed before a bullet could be fired but a complete detailed report on how the woman was netted is yet to be released. In the meantime, six prosecution witnesses will be summoned during the court hearing of the case during court sessions scheduled later this month. This is the first attempted murder case directly linking to activities in the dark web and Bitcoin in Denmark.

It is assumed that the dark web site had been infiltrated by law enforcement agents who were monitoring all communications on it. Prosecutors in Denmark requested that the woman be sent to stand trial in Italy where operators of crimebay, the chechens gangs originate from.

If successfully convicted the woman could face a life prison sentence but for the meantime she has pled not guilty to all the cases prosecutors filed against her in the court. This case and other similar ones illustrates the risks some people plunged themselves to as they try to abuse the use of Bitcoin by trying to use it for illegal purposes on the darkweb. So is smart enough to find better solution to your domestic woes or any other social problems and avoid the risk a Bitcoin access to dark web services could land you to.

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