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Cryptofunds stealing away the Cream della Cream, Employees of the Wall Street

Feb 25, 2018 Posted /  3842 Views

Cryptofunds stealing away the Cream della Cream, Employees of the Wall Street

Crypto Funds significantly Emerging

The number of crypto funds across the financial stage have surged in recent times despite the high volatility bitcoin is currently facing. The number of cryptocurrency hedge funds have more than double just in a period of four months according to data from fintech research house Autonomous NEXT.

It’s reported that the number of cryptocurrency hedge funds have risen from just 110 in october 2017 to about 226 by february 2018. Before october 2017 the number of all cryptocurrency hedge funds around the entire globe was just standing at 37 at the beginning of 2017.  This graphical illustration shows the degree of the abrupt rise of cryptocurrency hedge funds  from 2011 when cryptocurrency was just being introduced to 2018.

Investors in the crypto funds invest in a wide variety of coins with bitcoin taking most of the percentages of the total funds invested in the crypto funds around the world. Bitcoins second competitor ethereum has proven it’s worth overtime which is the reason for its wide use in cryptands too.

Both Crypto Funds and hedge funds competing for same clients and Employees

The ideology behind all hedge funds is the accumulation of funds from a variety of individual and institutional investors and investing the funds in a variety of assets with the intent of making enough profits. Oftentenly hedge fund managers invests money of their own into the hedge funds and are paid an annual fee of usually two percent of the money invested in the hedge fund.

Cryptocurrency funds too shares this same similarities with hedge funds though its major difference is the fact that it invest directly in the cryptocurrency markets. The fund manager is responsible for the success or failures of the funds accumulated from all the investors who are members of the hedge funds. Investors always view the track record of hedge fund managers before they could risk their money into the hedge fund.

Some of the notable cryptofunds users can invest in at any time include, Algotokens,, blackmoon, BlockChainCapital, Blockchainindex and the list still goes on.

More employment Opportunities available in Crypto Funds

For individuals dreaming to establish their careers in the financial sectors crypto funds still provides a lot of opportunities for employment. The rising number of cryptocurrency hedge funds implies that a lot of new employees are still required in this industry.

Traditional hedge funds employes a wide variety of experts ranging from business managers, risk analyst, marketiers, tellers, statisticians and others. Cryptocurrency firms too employs similar categories and people.

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