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Cryptocurrency Companies' share Prices Dramatically Increasing

Nov 09, 2017 Posted /  7077 Views

Cryptocurrency Companies' share Prices Dramatically Increasing

Blockchain Global Sees one of the Best time Ever

Blockchain Global Limited, a company  that rebranded from the name Bitcoin Group having been earlier formulated as a Bitcoin mining company around 2014. Blockchain Global Limited has expanded it's operations to consultancy services and startup incubation of companies in the Blockchain and cryptocurrency space. Blockchain Global has witnessed a huge appreciation through their take over of the Blockchain firm Digital X in July this year. With a $3.8 million AUD invested in shares of Digital X. Blockchain Global Limited is reported to have seen a rise in it's share values triggered by the purchased of Digital X by up to 74 percent.  Since the Beginning of the year share prices at Blockchain Global Limited has increased by more than 1000 percent indicating the good Business performance levels the company has attained.

Diversities of Companies in the Bitcoin Space Celebrating

Numbers of companies dealing with Blockchain and cryptocurrency is witnessing this spike in share prices too. Hive Blockchain Technologies, a Canadian firm specializing in Ethereum Mining reported a boost in their share price of about 4089 percent.  Hive which is also Entering a partnership with Genesis Mining company to build it's mining Capacity will invest in Building more mining rigs in Sweden. The partnership which is expected to double Hive's mining capacity will see 78% of Hive's mining powers situated in Sweden while the remaining 22% will  remain in Iceland.

Another company based in the southeastern England county of Essex witnessed a 384% increased in its share price changing it's name from On-line Plc to Blockchain Plc in late October. The company which was founded in 1996 had never seen any better time comparable to when they adopted a Blockchain name.

What Lies Ahead

With the amazing performance Blockchain companies are displaying currently the question of future performance seems to have an obvious answer. Many members of the Blockchain online communities believe that this trend will continue for a long time in the future. Coupled with failures by major traditional financial institution to fullfill the ever changing user needs Blockchain and cryptocurrency appears to be an ultimate answer to the most ideal financial service needs of millions of users across the world. Excerpts from major discussion forums on the internet can verify this assertion. We quoted some of the User Opinions below,

The question is not an either-or question.
Blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies are here to stay.
The current hype will subside with time, just as it did with the "anything" hype back in the late '90s. Blockchain tech will continue to grow, mutate and permeate global society on a profound level, just as the current Internet has. As it becomes commonplace, the current hype will recede and it will just be the new norm.
” a user going by the Initials Greg commented.

Following the story Mr. Ampjad Khan explained that,

“Truth always prevails, block chain is nothing but truth verified by the network and its participants, the question "its here to stay? " is irrelevant with regards to crypto-currency, rather the right question is how long the Fiat currency is going stay ”

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