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Cryptocurrency Being Taught in the North Korea's Pyongyang University

Nov 27, 2017 Posted /  3260 Views

Cryptocurrency Being Taught in the North Korea's Pyongyang University

Studying Cryptocurrency at Pyongyang University

After being accused by international media of being the incubation unit of Hackers in North Korea, Pyongyang University starts Enrolling students to study Cryptocurrency amidst reports that the state of North is deploying a significant amount of government resources on hacking cryptocurrencies or illicitly mining them. This extends the acknowledgment of Hacking as a nationwide treasure in the state of North Korea under the Kim Jong Un regime.

According to Priscilla Moriuchi, director of strategic threat development at CIA and googled backed security firm, Recorded Future revealed that

“it's clear that the introduction of this course at Pyongyang University is not motivated by any need for academic Benefit. Its has been crafted by the regime as a tool and it imposes threats to every Cryptocurrency Users across the World”

At the beginning of this month Mr.Federico Tenga, the founder of Chainside, a Bitcoin Startup visited North Korea's city of Pyongyang to lecture a couple of the Country's top students on Bitcoin and Blockchain Technology. The visit came after he contacted the Pyongyang University of Science and Technology, the only foreign-funded school in the country. He had offered to give a presentation on Bitcoin and Blockchain during a financial conference slated to take place at the campus. The conference was however canceled after US president Donald Trump put a ban preventing any US citizen to visit North Korea. This prompted the University administration to invite Mr. Tenga to tech Cryptic urgency course on campus.

Regime Emphasizing On Crypto-Education

The North Korean Regime is putting more emphasis on cryptic urgency education after realizing the value of Bitcoin as a potential source of fund for the Regime. According to Mr. Tenga who spent about a week teaching in the country’s top University gave a statement directly contracting the accusation made by Recorded Development about Bitcoin Mining activities in North Korea. He said while in North Korea he was running a full Bitcoin node and believes that the people monitoring the North Korean internet space detected the activity as Bitcoin mining in the country.


This claim promptly met a response from Future developments Priscilla Moriuchi, who stated that. The government intentionally allowed the lecture to go on as they are aware of the benefits of achieving Bitcoin and cryptocurrency capabilities. With mixed reactions following the introduction of cryptocurrency education at the University. Meanwhile, some people believe that its the right of North Korea or any institution in the country to engage in any capacity building activity which does not violate international law. Some people believe that the course is intended to be a weapon against western sanctions. A user comment from the Bitcoin forum stated that,

“America has no credibility when it comes to accusing others of spying and using terrorism for their own benefit, maybe they weren't joined at the hip with Saudi Arabia they could come to the discussion from a high ground”

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