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Crypto-Millionaires Moving Towards Sky

Feb 15, 2018 Posted /  7582 Views

Crypto-Millionaires Moving Towards Sky

In a report, Colibri Aircraft stated that out of total sales of pre-owned aircrafts in 2017, 21% has been purchased by first-time buyers. In comparison to sales of 2014, the aircraft observed an improvement of 50%. The current average price of new jet is around $3.68 million.

There are two factors observed which can be responsible for such outrageous rise in numbers. First one is a slight fall in the prices of these pre-owned jets and the second one is a rise in the number of individuals with high net worth. A change has occurred in the demographic structure of population where the people with the high income has increased and cryptocurrency has a huge role to play behind it.

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With the emergence of virtual tokens in the global economy, a new class of millionaires has been introduced. Recently Forbes introduced a list of such individuals who became millionaires in short span of time through investing in cryptocurrency.

The managing director of Colibri Aircraft, Oliver Stone stated that due to improvement in economic structure people are opting for leasing private jets and the ones who do so ultimately end up buying one. The company accounted a major fall in the year 2008 when the economy was going through depression period. Gradually, it got stabled and encountered better earnings. People are ready to spend such large amounts because of high consumption capacity.

Moreover as per the sources, within ten years of time span buyers will be able to purchase private airlines as well, that too with Virtual tokens such as Ether, Ripple, Bitcoins and many other.

In an interview with Btcmanager, a Belgian Tech entrepreneur, Olivier Janssens shared his experience with flight industry when he booked a flight at last moment through Bitcoins. The incident happened in the year 2014, Olivier further stated that he needed a flight at very short notice and till now it is the biggest Bitcoin payment he has ever made. In spite of all these factors, the payment process was very instant and convenient as well. Appreciating the Bitcoins, Olivier said that he is a firm supporter of Bitcoins and believes that it is better than any form of currency. Currently, he is involved in various digital tokens projects and believes that it has bright future.

As per recent Quartz report, a correlation has been established between the price of Ethereum and sales of Lamborghini. With the increase in the value of cryptos the purchasing power of investors increased. Keeping in mind the current figures, one can buy 1 Lambo with around 120 ether.

Currently, the economy is going through a boom period and in such situation, cryptocurrency became a good mode of transactions. Because of these two factors, 67% of people believe that sales graph of jet airways will move upwards.

Supporters of digital coins also believe that with the passage of time required regulations will be introduced in the economy regarding the circulation of Bitcoins and it will be accepted as a payment option.

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