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Crypto market analysis of the leading cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Ripple, Litecoin

Mar 09, 2018 Posted /  5626 Views

Crypto market analysis of the leading cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Ripple, Litecoin

At present in the cryptocurrency world, there are plentiful of rookies who don’t want to get excluded in the market. Moreover, others have invested in huge volumes to earn money quickly and easily. This implies that fall in the prices may lead to discontent as well as daunt the purchasing powers.
Contrasting to the cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, ripple, the additional cryptocurrencies have maintained either their price range or engaged in a plunge in prices. On the other hand, we consider that cryptocurrencies will all have rising trends to set off more investments.

However, at the present moment it is flooded with red lines and downward trends which may have resulted out of negative flow of news, as the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission have signalled that it may crackdown on the exchanges.


Bitcoin has been engrossed in a price rush for the past two days. To put this in plain words, the upward craze is probably to carry on over time than the overturn. According to the figures, there are signs that there are excess buyers plus dropping might have an effect on the investors. With the existing price along with the ongoing trend, a fall below $10,000 levels may was evident as the downward trend is on the move.
At this time it trades at the $9,857 price, and this is a notable step up in value in accordance with last week’s data. Furthermore, we can look forward to a rush forward the leading coin is currently in struggling zone.


It has been going through some kind of downward movement in the last few days. As putting it side by side to Bitcoin, it has been occupied in trading at the similar range moreover also dropping in value from time to time.
It may well not be a fine market point for Ethereum at this time.

Bitcoin Cash

From this instant it has kicked off an inclination in prices as well as traded above the $1,280 point, it has preserved the range for a few days currently. But at press time, it is recorded at $1,073


For ripple, the predictions made by the experts were that it would progress to some level. This has been feasible in accordance with today’s soar in the price. The cryptocurrency has been engaged in progress from the $0.90 levels to the $1.04 levels in a few hours. Consequently, this means that Ripple has by now navigated the battling level, as well as this, can prompt investments. Now it struggles at $0.855 levels.


It is believed one of the noteworthy cryptocurrencies in the marketplace. Furthermore, it is one of the powerful as it’s not greatly influenced by price crash. Presently, it trades at the $181.79 price moreover this is a significant decrease from last weekend's price where it was trading at $206.

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