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Blockchain technology brings more transparency Sports Betting

Jan 06, 2018 Posted /  2909 Views

Blockchain technology brings more transparency Sports Betting

If blockchain technology itself was disrupting, these days ICOs are further troubling the world. At present, the initial coin offerings (ICOs) are supporting token generation events (TGEs) that are challenging the traditional investment ecosystem. The former seed fundraising has been completely transformed with the coming of blockchain technology. With the help of an ICO, businesses and startups can raise the capital they need by issuing tokens.

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Anyone following the recent crypto- scenario would know that crypto tokens are tradable and exchangeable. They may seem like cryptocurrencies, however, they are unique tokens driven by only the value, they have been subjected to. We need to understand here that at present there are two popular types of tokens utilized by ICOs- utility and equity tokens. If we talk about utility tokens or app coins- they bestow future access to products or services. We can say that it is a positive opportunity for commerce to elevate its capital, and utilize the funds to expand a blockchain-based project.

Right ICO generates right profit

Look at all the financial news pertaining to crypto-world, ICOs has been in the talk throughout the year 2017. Investors, start-ups and young entrepreneurs find a great deal of opportunity and a lucrative way to build up innovative companies and hence raise capital. However, one fear ahead of us that ICOs are blockchain-based and of course there’s some amount of risk involved. Searching for the right kind of ICO can make easy for you to gain future wealth.

Some ICOs have started disrupting the traditional business models already and have been gaining a great amount of spotlight. But way before investing one need to recognize the characteristics that profitable ICOs possess. Investment requires the right business scenario and before contributing in any ICO, one should search for the team behind the ICO, including the nature of the business, mission, and vision.

We need to understand that ICOs in itself is a unique concept and the most valuable, respected offerings in the market will be the one most chased. Comprehending the target market can be summed up as one of the most crucial element while determining the ICO. If the ICO (company per se) along with its technology and product/service have a well-detailed target market, it means that the ICO also has its crisis managed and properly defined.

A decentralized platform for Betting

Just search about XWIN, and you will be surprised how the blockchain is revolutionizing even the betting space. XWIN is basically a fully transparent betting and sports platform, which utilizes decentralized smart contracts on Ethereum. How anyone could have imagined that even the gambling industry will be redefined the gambling industry. Gambling in many parts of the world is legalized occupation and the source of income. For many years now the players of this industry have been demanding privacy, security and promised access to betting events. Similarly, the investors to desire to net a good income from bookmaking. This is the whole concept behind XWIN.

XWIN tokens are simple and very accessible. You are simply permitted to participate in the XWIN ICO, which gives investors an exceptional opportunity to contribute to the expansion of a crypto-bookmaker platform. In addition to this contribution, the platform awards investors 20% of its profit margin. The XWIN ICO functions on a smart contract that is based on the Ethereum blockchain to guarantee transparency, sustainability, secure transactions, 24x7 investment control, and optimized investment prospects.

There is a predefined economic business model for XWIN. We already know that Bookmaker business provides an enormous income potential. As per the data provided on the website XWIN’s margins are between 6% and 20% per bet. The margin is tenuously controlled after it is transferred to the XWin smart contract account.

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