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Blockchain and cryptocurrency domain names are just like hotcakes!

Dec 25, 2017 Posted /  4282 Views

Blockchain and cryptocurrency domain names are just like hotcakes!

The record of domain names comes back to over thirty years ago when the first ever .com name, which was, was registered by a Massachusetts based computer manufacturing company, Symbolics Inc. on March 15, 1985. From the time when the domain name market has grown considerably as well as today some exceedingly demanded domain names put up for sale for millions of dollars.
This year has been one to keep in mind in the Blockchain industry with conventional recognition as well as implementation beginning to go faster. One of the divisions that are benefitting from a parallel peak in interest is the planet of Blockchain plus cryptocurrency domain names. Be it for advertising and marketing, brand acknowledgment for a technology, or else simply to endorse a new-fangled product otherwise service, quality Blockchain, as well as cryptocurrency domain names, are a scorching asset.

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Virtual land surge

While many fresh investors in flowing into the industry are focusing on their preliminary cryptocurrency purchases, there is a digital gold rush taking place with high-class Blockchain domain names.  The Ethereum Name Service auctioning of decentralized domain names has been an enormous, strike with millions of dollars value of sales have taken place.  While practicing in addition to in general popularity of.Ethereum or other decentralized domain names is negligible, the fashion is likely to prolong in development. Enduring the subject with ETH, the domain name has lately been up for auction for close to $10 million. Quite a few months ago the domain name was purchased by a famous domain name investor, named Sharjil Saleem for $2 million.

As huge as it gets

Conceivably the most imposing of the new domain offerings is not a solitary name but a group of them.   Jason Cassidy, President of Blockchain TV, has brought together over 500 plus of the best Blockchain domain names for auction. The collection is being put on the marketplace for the first time with a price of $6 million. If someone purchases the group, it could go down as the major single sale in the domain name industry, all gratitude to the Blockchain technology plus its associated occasions. With all of the attention and sales taking place for cryptocurrency along with Blockchain domain names in 2017, the counter looks to be set for a fiery 2018 and on.

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