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Bitcoin Sub-Reddit accused of Vote Manipulation On Major Bitcoin Debates

Nov 23, 2017 Posted /  2487 Views

Bitcoin Sub-Reddit accused of Vote Manipulation On Major Bitcoin Debates

Information is the Major Factor steering Bitcoin

A critical observation into the Bitcoin ecosystem verifies that information is a key factor in the overall value of Bitcoin. Major events like hard forks, government regulation, success hack on major exchanges and the gross development of competing cryptocurrencies generally affect the price of Bitcoin. Information dissemination is part of the chain in getting information reaches its intended users, this is where the role of the media such as r/Bitcoin comes in. Information can be manipulated, altered or stopped from spreading at the will of the people who control or monitor it. The people who control information basically control Bitcoin.

Thousands of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency users depend on the bitcoin subreddit as the main source of information. However, it has emerged that many of these moderators who have more access than the common users are utilizing their privileges to control the flow of information on the site. Being a moderator on r/Bitcoin subreddit is a voluntary unpaid opportunity. Some actors are of the view that these moderators receive hefty ‘Brides’ from notable people who trigger major discussions about a critical issue regarding the future of Bitcoin. Though yet unconfirmed this allegation seems one of the reasons why many moderators try to comprise information on the subreddit to swing users into preferring a certain aspect of a debate regarding Bitcoin.

r/Bitcoin subreddit deployed ‘Robocops’ showing high performance against malicious bots.

The detecting and reporting of the malicious behavior on the r/Bitcoin subreddit were not detected or reported by human users. A bot program that monitors and censures inappropriate content on the subreddit known as the Notifier Bot (CNBot) uncovered the vice in the platform revealing massive vote manipulation an allegation it (the bot) was sent a week ago to confirm. Thread on Reddit attains their visibilities though upvoting. When a large number of downvotes are accorded to a thread, it completely disappears from user view on the site. Malicious bots were being used on the subreddit to automatically upvote and downvote threats on two subreddits, that is r/Bitcoin and /r/BTC. The bot which seems to be luring people into buying Bitcoin cash earned a dislike from the Bitcoin Cash supporters themselves. It was reported on another popular Reddit Bitcoin Board that,

“ We have noticed some bots infiltrated the subreddit /r/Bitcoin and is downvoting some posts on the subreddit while upvoting posts on the /r/BTC since 11/14/2017 at about 18:00 UTC. A similar unusual pattern of voting also appeared o /r/BTC at around the same time a day earlier”

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