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Bitcoin plans to ring Christmas bells at $30k

Dec 08, 2017 Posted /  14185 Views

Bitcoin plans to ring Christmas bells at $30k

The popularity of Bitcoin is crashing the popularity index of the many Hollywood celebrities. The financial institutions are far less apprehensive about investing in Bitcoins than they were ever before. The increasing stardom of Bitcoin suggests that the major financial institutions are coming to a consensus for its mass adoption.

Despite several fluctuations and price variations in the recent past, Bitcoin is steadily making a significant impact on the key financial organizations. If it had been not the case billions of dollars of investment would not have been deposited in the marketplace. Presently there is a fear running in the businesses that if they falter in approval or are became late adopters of the blockchain they might lose 5-10x of the gains that can occur in the course of few months.

The speculations started when Bitcoin crossed the $10k mark and now everyone has set their eyes on reaching $30k mark by Christmas.  The number on its own is enchanting and presents a psychological gain as well as a chance to enter the day-to-day life of the masses. According to the smart people and the intelligentsia, the value hikes does not make sense. Nevertheless, the late adoption of Bitcoin amongst the rich people testifies that slowly these intellectuals have realized the disruptive effect this technology can cause in various economic groups.

What the experts have to say?

According to the investment advisors, the price of the digital currency can skyrocket up to $30,000 very easily till 25th December 2017. This will ensure a merry Christmas and a happy new year for the investors.  Also, the experts suggest that even the value of Ethereum will increase multifold in the next year.  Moreover, the hedge fund billionaire Mike Novogratz has predicted that the Bitcoin will soon have a market capitalization of $2 trillion by the end of next year.

The statistics generated by Google trends show that more and more people around the world are searching to ‘buy bitcoin with credit card’. The search for these keywords is all time high than any year before. There is certainty that cryptocurrency will empower the buying capacity of the people. Nonetheless, advisors suggest that there are definite gains but greed can overpower the market. Also, in many countries due to regulation and legal difficulties, people cannot purchase the decentralized currency.

Advisors are asking people to invest in bitcoins in an organized manner. Though many critics call the surge as the short-term gains or even as a bubble. There are some people of the view that it is a lot more than “dot-com bubble” or the “Tulip-mania”.

Even Ronnie Moas from Standpoint Research in an interview with CNBC said that Bitcoin price will jump to $50,000. Though, he said that it would swell in a decade. But his very remark that the banks in the United States are heavily threatened by the cryptocurrency could be the exact reason why Bitcoins is profiting so much and will reach the number much before.

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