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Bitcoin Gold Faces New Attacks Users Warned For possibilities of Losing Funds from their Wallets

Nov 28, 2017 Posted /  836 Views

Bitcoin Gold Faces New Attacks Users Warned For possibilities of Losing Funds from their Wallets

Bitcoin Gold uncovers another major Security Threat

Bitcoin gold is faced with yet another serious attack this time round targeting its Github repository. The altcoin which was formed after a successful hardfork on the Bitcoin network on October 25. 2017 is facing numerous challenges on very many fronts.

Bitcoin Gold managed to highlight the period of time the infected wallet software sent to its Github repository and it announced that the windows wallet file stayed online at the repository between November 21, 2017, 09:39 UTC, and November 25, 2017, 22:30 UTC and urged that anyone who downloaded the file within this time frame should not use the file. With the specific harm of the malware still not published users are advised to delete the file and run a full system scan of their computers with updated antivirus software.

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However Bitcoin Gold has already secured its Github page although damages had already been recorded before it managed that. An information published on the Bitcoin Gold’s website indicated that,

"some unknown person gained access to our Github repository and changed the content of the file. However, the infected files are still being analyzed in our laboratories to establish the intentions of the hacker. we have already established that the file does not immediately trigger an antivirus software to give a warning and the  Linux file was left untouched”

such attack has been rampant on bitcoin Gold recently following an earlier attack just a day after the cryptocurrency was launched. people are advised against using wallets providers who are just new on the market as the risks of losing funds in your wallets is increased with those small wallet providers. This follows a recent occasion on the wallet platform MyBTGWallet where victims who lost millions of dollars in funds stored in the wallet are preparing to find and bring to law John Dass. John Dass allegedly proposed a suspicious balance checking service coupled with a wallet running malicious scripts taking numbers private keys during the sessions.

For Forked Altcoins such as Bitcoin Gold or the upcoming Bitcoin Diamond, only legitimate wallet providers should be used to access the services to remove risks of exposing private keys to malicious actors.

Either the BTG Team is Incompetent or Bitcoin Gold is facing a lot of competition

It has become a common question within the cryptocurrency communities whether the Bitcoin Gold team is competent enough to manage the cryptocurrency. This follows the series of attacks being lodged in the way of the new currency. However, some people believe that Bitcoin Gold is facing stiff competitions from other forked altcoins such as Bitcoin Cash. All in all, whether it's an issue of competency of the team behind Bitcoin Gold or it's a large scale sponsored attack orchestrated to discredit the Cryptocurrency, maintaining a secured platform for Bitcoin Gold should remain the ultimate goal of the BTG team.

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