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Bitcoin Cash to Undergo Hardfork this November

Nov 03, 2017 Posted /  4005 Views

Bitcoin Cash to Undergo Hardfork this November

The November 13 BCC Update

The team behind the development of Bitcoin Cash has announced a major plan to carry out a schedule an update on the Network algorithm as early as November 13th.2017. The update will correct the problematic Difficulty Adjustment Algorithm the network is faced with. An indepth explanation posted on Bitcoin ABC home page explains the details about the upgrade and provides a link to the testnet coins which showcased the network’s behavior after the update. The algorithm expected to be improved currently reduces the network block time speed at times and increased it to very high unexpected values sometimes randomly. The update will follow the release of an updated software with a fixed DAA from the Bitcoin ABC development team. The lead developer of Bitcoin Cash mr. Amaury Séchet hinted to users of Bitcoin cash that some wallets will be affected by the update and others will not be affected depending on the technology used by the wallet developers. However he advice users to double check their transactions on platforms like blockdozer or Blockchair to remove any possible doubts.

What the Update will solve

According to Bitcoin ABC, the following will be the role of the new update on the Bitcoin cash algorithm. Difficult to hashrate adjustment to a mean Block interval of 600 seconds, prevent changing difficulties at stable hashrates, adjust changes of difficulty in accordance to changes of hash rate. Prevent swinging of feedback between hashrate and difficulty and prevent attacks such as the manipulation of time stamp. Thisway the earlier problems with the Bitcoin Cash emergency difficulty adjustment would be addressed. The coming hardfork to Bitcoin cash will be drawn from algorithms developed by three top developers in the Bitcoin cash community. Neil Booth Algorithm D578, Amaury Sechet D601 and Tom Harding’s D622. These codes were analysed both by the Bitcoin Cash community and the Bitcoin ABC development team. All the three algorithm showed a similar performance scale according decisions reached by Bitprim, an algorithm developer for Bitcoin and nchain a platform that incubates and freely distribute free software tools in order to accelerate the development of Blockchain technology. Both Bitprim and nchain went by the algorithm D601 by Amaury Sechet as their number one choices thus Bitcoin cash will be updated with Algorithm D601.

Why Bitcoin Cash Needs the Update

Block Time for Bitcoin cash has been varying highly since the Activation of Bitcoin Cash around August of this year. It’s known that the Block of both Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash is meant to have a total average value of about six hours irrespective of the hash rate. This made the varying Block Time in Bitcoin Cash a defect on the algorithm. This defect is presumed to escalate and affect Bitcoin Cash miners by abnormally increasing the mining difficulty factor thus making Bitcoin Cash mining abnormally harder. The defect would use for example a mining factor today which is suppose to be use 55 days ahead. Initially the Emergency Difficulty Factor was created to keep the mining hashrate of Bitcoin Cash stable during its initial days. Later a problem was seen with the EDA and the community held debates that resulted into this coming fork of November 13 2017.

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