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Bitcoin Cash [BCH] wallet HandCash releases Mainnet BETA for Android

Jun 03, 2018 Posted /  2116 Views

Bitcoin Cash [BCH] wallet HandCash releases Mainnet BETA for Android

The Bitcoin Cash wallet, Handcash is intended for easy utilisation and empowers NFC payments. The beta version of Handcash was launched by HandCash Tech in February, this year and the upgraded version of the application launched yesterday. The upgrade enables clients to utilise  handles in the process of transactions to indicate the address.

Outstanding feature of the HandCash wallet is the NFC (Near Field Communication) payment framework. This element gives individuals access to transfer money through the application. No particular wallet address or QR code is required for using this feature.

The upgrade takes it one stride ahead. With this upgrade, the client can direct transactions essentially by specifying the receiver's handle. The transaction can be done within no time. The whole preface of the application is to make the utilisation of this application is to be identical to handling money.

The HandCash application was in the beta version since February, as the developers needed to settle the issues. The developers additionally need the clients to notice the fact that, while this application continues to operate on the mainnet, it is as yet considered a BETA while they get the paperwork approved.

A few clients have encountered problems while logging in, after installing the application. Nonetheless, this issue has been taken care of.

The wallet can also be backed to the client's Google drive, making recuperation exceptionally suitable. The wallet does not store any of client's funds or user details.

A Reddit user shared his concern about the hue:

” This looks pretty much like square cash except yellow. Nice job though."

John Goldberg on twitter posted:

“First transaction for the Philippines!! Post your countries and transactions. HandCash global . Great job on the new application!”

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