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BCH ‘Tippr” Bot helps in Micropayments on social media platforms

Jan 18, 2018 Posted /  4416 Views

BCH ‘Tippr” Bot helps in Micropayments on social media platforms

A new Bitcoin cash tip bot, which facilitates in sending micropayments by using BCH named as “Tippr” is garnering a lot of popularity on the Internet these days.

Gaining great popularity

Some years back people used to exchange Bitcoin micropayments and tips on forums, Twitter and some other social media platforms. However, it is not possible these days because Bitcoin’s average fees have risen humongous and it is very costly to send payments under $15. Also, the former tip companies like Changetip have stopped offering their services. Nonetheless, Bitcoin Cash has filled in this gap and now its users can send small increments to other users, as the transaction fee of this digital currency is less than 2 cents.

The Bitcoin Cash has made available its Tippr bot on Reddit and Twitter and has appealed to many users till now.  Many users have tipped the others with the help of this bot and Reddit has found itself calling as

/u/tippr”. For using this bot you simply need to enter the amount of funds you want to send and specify another user on Reddit to whom you want to send it. It is operated in a similar manner on Twitter as well, where you just have to tag the bot and the person on the receiving end and simply type the amount you want to send, for instance “$0.50 @tipprbot.”  

Tippr has been crazly utilized on Twitter since it started its operation last September and you can observe this by scrolling through the bot’s account as even the bio for the tippr reads as follows:

  “I’m a bitcoin cash tip-bot for Reddit and Twitter, allowing you to send bitcoin cash to other users easily.”

20,000 Tips on Reddit

In addition to Twitter, Tippr has witnessed high popularity on Reddit as well. The figures according to the company website state that Reddit users are sending in a range of $200 to $4600 in BCH per day using Tippr. This means that the bot has transferred so far around 50.5 BCH, which worth approximately $71, 036 since it started functioning on Reddit. Further, as per the data, there are some pretty big tippers as some accounts on the forum. These tippers have sent between $5,000-7,300 worth of BCH. Reddit at present has around 9,915 users sending BCH with Tippr over, 20,000 tips being sent to users on the more popular forum.

The digital goods merchant and payment processing firm Rocketrand operates Tipper and individuals who have any issues pertaining to the tip bot can contact the Rocketr team. The team also assists merchants to accept BCH with the company’s own payment gateway.

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