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Automated Bots will make Crypto-Trading easier

Dec 25, 2017 Posted /  6229 Views

Automated Bots will make Crypto-Trading easier

There are various convoluted technicalities in the cryptocurrency space, which makes it hard to keep up with the market. There are plenty of altcoins, which are right now in circulation, which can make it difficult to analyze which ones hold merit, as there are constant price fluctuations in the market. This incredibly developing and ever-changing market scenario can be confusing to even the experienced traders, and it is quite common for even new contributors to be perplexed by the enigmatic nature.

The market right now is enormously impacted by the crypto fever and at present, there are diverse platforms that scrutinize the performance of multiple currencies. It is quite motivating to witness cryptocurrency contributors continually checking their phones for updates on the prices for their favorite currency or token. However, you can find a plenty of the information squeezed together on the Internet and other media, it is still quite overpowering to incorporate it all and recognize what is necessary. This is singularly true for all those who have no trading experience cognizance.

A Bot, which simplifies your crypto-experience

If you also feel that the necessary information is lost somewhere between the overload of news, then CryptoPing is the right choice for you. CryptoPing is basically a bot that notifies you about the changes and updates in the market and made trading easier for its subscribers. However, the service was launched way back, it has enhanced its services presently, and displayed new information like price or volume percentile fluctuations for the cryptocurrency. Moreover, it permits for the screening of assets by various parties. Further, it also cross-checks the data from multiple currency trading platforms.

CryptoPing has also updated on some new features that include signal reception made available through an API. This system is accessible by only those who have subscribed to the services and who have submitted an API usage application. The user will be allowed to download a CSV, which will divulge their history into an account with the exact data exhibited in the dashboard.

The service has been turning out as an effectual tool as it allows experienced traders to publish their trading analysis as new traders can gain from their experience. However, the society trading system is solitarily accessible by the subscribers and eventually, allows users to develop into public traders, and after that, they are then ranked according to the performance of their signals.

Nonetheless, CryptoPing is also available for free, with the difference that non-subscribers are not allowed to follow other traders. Furthermore, they are only notified after all subscribers have received their signals, but some changes have been made currently. The users having free-tier accounts can access custom exchanges. For now, CryptoPing just cross-references information from different trading platforms, but it is also embracing the ability to evaluate any news and social media posts.

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The fundamental aim of CryptoPing is to transform into an investing app. It will permit users to invest as per the filtered bot signals. It works by adding users’ API keys, eventually allowing them to trade straight with the app. The next stage will include an auto-trading option; developed to attain “stable profits” for the users, as mentioned in the company’s white paper.

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