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American Fugitive Julian Assange Mocks US government for turning him a Bitcoin Millionaire

Oct 16, 2017 Posted /  9579 Views

American Fugitive Julian Assange Mocks US government for turning him a Bitcoin Millionaire

The renowned Us fugitive Julian Assange the founder of wikileaks a whistle blowing website is mocking the american government for turning Him a bitcoin millionaire. Julian Assange claims wikileaks received Bitcoin donations approximating to 5000 Bitcoin about twenty seven and a half million US dollars from his sympathizers.

How wikileaks obtained over 27 million US dollars worth of Bitcoin?

It is said that the creator of Bitcoin himself discouraged wikileaks from adopting bitcoin early in 2010 during the infant stages of Bitcoin. However Mr. Satoshi Nakamoto viewed the potential of bitcoin Donations to wikileaks and thought the traffic would overwhelm the bitcoin infrastructure at the time. Just august 2012 during the early years of bitcoin Wikileaks received about 1100 BTC closing to $32000 at the time. Soon after a lot of Bitcoin donations were pouring into the wikileaks Bitcoin Address making wikileaks arrive at a figure of $27 million worth of bitcoin. Meanwhile many countries are proposing regulations on Bitcoin, the currency still remains untraceable and  growing to a new level both in popularity and infrastructure.  Kristinn Hrafnsson, spokesman for WikiLeaks said in a news Interview that,

"It is the privatization of censorship, because this is being done because of extreme pressure by the U.S. Government,It’s extremely important to fight back and stop this process right here and now so that we won’t see in the future, ....where we have the financial giants deciding who lives and who dies in this field."

Why Wikileaks Invested in Bitcoin

In 2010 when wikileaks came into the limelight about publishing of classified sensitive military intelligence of the US government. The website and it’s founders has received numerous bans and sanctions from the American Government. Amongst them being a traced of all incoming donations to the website. Paypal and other electronic payment options become impracticable and risky to be used by wikileaks so the website was blessed by the timely coming of Bitcoin. Bitcoin provided the kind of anonymity that wikileaks needed and soon thousands of people from all over the world were pouring in their donations to the organisation through Bitcoin.

How wikileaks Affected Bitcoin Growth since the Induction Of Bitcoin

It is not certain the exact amount of input wikileaks has deployed towards the success of bitcoin as a cryptocurrency. However it can be clearly understood that wikileaks early interventions into bitcoin caused a positive view on bitcoin. Wikileaks adapted bitcoins in early 2010 just months after the introduction of the cryptocurrency. This is believed to have given similar platforms to adopt bitcoin as a payment method. This is basically because unlike all the other possible payment methods available by that time Bitcoin is the only one that could go untraceable. Adoption of bitcoin by many wikileaks like websites made the cryptocurrency popular at its very beginning.

According to an information on a site that displays transactions on the bitcoin Blockchain, Wikileaks bitcoin address has received over 7.5 BTC just in the past few months. This indicates clearly how the organization has benefited from bitcoin since 2011.

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