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AMD Plans To Increase Supply Of GPU’s Corresponding To Crypto Mining Demand

Feb 02, 2018 Posted /  5633 Views

AMD Plans To Increase Supply Of GPU’s Corresponding To Crypto Mining Demand

GPU’s are high powered graphics cards ordinarily used by gamers and these days demanded by miners as well. Cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum and Monero require moderate computing power provided by GPU’s. As digital currency has tempted many investors due to its volatile nature, the demand for mining has risen accordingly which requires AMD graphic cards.

Noticing huge requirement of graphics cards the main competitor of AMD, Nvidia came forward to ensure that gamers must get their part of processors by putting a limit on the number of hardware that can be bought at a time. Reportedly, AMD assured to satisfy all its customers by adequate supply and also confirmed that mining process is the reason behind the shortfall of products.


According to a source, the CEO of AMD Lisa Su has commented that the availability of graphics cards is lower than they expected and thus they are working on it.

In an interview with news.bitcoin in the month of October Lisa Su predicted “As we look at it,[crypto-related demand] continues to be a factor, but we’ve seen restocking in the channels and stuff like that. So we’re being a little bit conservative on the cryptocurrency side of the equation,”.

During a conference call with investors, the CEO represented revenue figures of last quarter of 2017 where sales of graphics cards such as VEGA 56 and VEGA 64 were accounted to be key factors for 60% of revenue i.e.958 million.

AMD is not only facing a deficit in its graphics department but also falling short of RAM. GDDR5 and HBM2 are used with RX 400, 500 and the new RX Vega graphics cards which are also under-supplied. AMD’s management should keep all the deficits in mind in order to satisfy its investors and customers.

Currently, the demand for graphics cards is dependent on the rate of return on the mined coin which is witnessing rapid ups and downs in the market. Even retailers are putting their own measures in the selling of bulk of graphics cards in order to save Gamer’s portion of stock.

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