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ACT, the NGO 2 is the ICO that can change the world

Jul 21, 2017 Posted /  10228 Views

ACT, the NGO 2 is the ICO that can change the world

ACT, the NGO 2.0 is the ICO that can change the world:

ACT is a decentralized Autonomous  Organisation (DAO) uniquely for social accountability by consolidating payments from a large group of citizens to fund proposals from grass root level that have the potential to make a great change in the society. The Ethereum based platform allows citizens to vote and help in the eradication of social issues and it also helps to consolidate funds from investors and citizens around the world to help to launch ideas that have the potential to make a great change in our society. According to the founder of the ACT ICO, Fraser Brown, "ACT is not a variant of NGO, whereas it is a recreation."

ACT can be considered the recreation of NGO (Non-Governmental Organisation) which help and protect the people from a crisis or help any citizens who face difficulties or raise their voice against wrong-doings that happen in the world. But the great force behind the ACT ICO is that it is based on the Ethereum blockchain technology. Features of blockchain technology such as smart contracts, decentralization, anonymity, security, privacy and much more make it a long lasting solution for facing the global issues unitedly. This is the ultimate ICO which has the potential to change the world.

Even in the current scenario where there are lots of platforms like Kickstarter, GoFundMe, etc which help the people to present their ideas and innovations to a large number of investors and to get funding for their project, there are several factors which make it an unviable solution. Because the system is controlled by a central authority or the bank, it may not have much security, anonymity, etc. That's where the real significance of the blockchain based ACT platform come.

Another thing is millions of project proposals will be submitted in all these currently available funding platforms. Among them only few will get funders, that too will take a lot of time. But the platform of ACT has a large number of members from all over the world. Whenever a project proposal is submitted and it's ACTIVATION occurs, ACT users are notified by the App on their mobile device. They can open the proposal, read it together with the entire dialogue with curators and decide to vote yes, no or abstain. If a quorum of 60% is reached then the proposal is funded.

The main thing about the ACT ICO is the smart contracts which help to maintain high security. ACT’s ETH pools are stored in the Ethereum blockchain, not a new blockchain built and maintained by its development team. This way, the platform improves the security.

Proposal submission requires a small payment in ETH and the value of payment depends upon the platform's capitalization. Proposals can be viewed by anyone and are open just like any other platforms like Steemit, GoFundMe, Medium, Kickstarter, etc. Proposals may also be shelved if it receives lots of downticks at the period of Curation. Any discussions relating to the validity of a proposal can be completely open. The basic characteristic of the ACT ICO is its transparency. There is no limiting to that. The ACT Pre-ICO has started from 18th July and its predicted by the Wings Foundation that they will raise approximately $4 million during their Pre-ICO.

ACT’s decentralized trust and curation system use smart contracts, which essentially means that the code used in the platform makes fair and consistent decisions. This creates trust between proposal makers and people funding the platform because everyone knows that there is no centralized person or organization in the middle.

The company wants a curation engine that rewards those users with a long-term perspective and interest in the platform. It must be imperative to only ACTIVATE the best quality proposals, which are safe and appropriate recipients for ACT users donated funds. They are also planning to have discussions with a community from Wales focused on halting open cast coal mining, and a charity in Belarus focused on the rights of people with disabilities.

ACT is all about we citizens taking decisions on global challenges unitedly through a decentralized and secure blockchain platform. It rectifies all the problems faced by the NGO decision making and other things and offers a perfect solution for the most important problem that we face nowadays.

ACT is the ICO we should all invest in.

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