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AB33 Claims to arrange a class action Lawsuit Against Ifinex

Dec 16, 2017 Posted /  6040 Views

AB33 Claims to arrange a class action Lawsuit Against Ifinex

On the 11th of December, AB33 posted on twitter that he intends to arrange a “class action lawsuit against iFinex.” Earlier AB33 had also charged Ifinex of “market manipulation,” “misleading patrons,” and “publicly trading shares of a private company” illegitimately. The AB33’s announcement to seek litigation against the iFinex came soon after the documents revealing that Ifinex has been taken off from Singapore’s Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA) register.

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Most of the accusations made by AB33 relate to Bitfinex’s exchange of BFX tokens into iFinex shares, which followed the main hack experienced, by the exchange in 2016. After trailing around $72 million USD worth of consumer funds to the hack, the exchange opted to collaborate losses, which consequentially converted 36% percent of all customers’ account balances into BFX tokens.

While the exchange assured to reimburse back all BFX tokens with an equivalent amount of USD, Bitfinex promptly began to support its customers to transfer their BFX tokens into equity of the company. A renowned Bitfinex critic currently facing litigation from the exchange has earlier alleged that the exchange was persistent in promoting the conversion of BFX tokens after trailing its banking relationships, emphasizing that the company sustained said information from its customers and investors at that point of time. Moreover, AB33 also blamed Ifinex of infringing the British Virgin Islands’ laws by issuing shares for an entity registered as a Private Limited Company.

Bitfinex’s Recent ETP Flash-Crash

According to the recent reports on unexpected flash-crashes (between 60%–98%), which were exaggerated as the result of multiple altcoin, markets on Bitfinex on 29th of November. The company portrayed the events as encompassing “panic across multiple markets,” asserting that the exchange’s “protection measures” prohibited the markets from “dropping […] further than they did.” Bitfinex also denied that technical issues were the main catalyst for the crashes, regardless of upholding that the exchange has been under a continual DDoS attack since late November.

It is speculated that a telegram group has compiled CSV files, which documented the trades performed which led to the recent 98% ETP flash-crash. The group’s has evaluated that ETP dropped from $3.42 USD to a mere $0.11 USD in about 2 seconds. Additionally, someone bought 12,720 ETP at between $2.751 and $3.40 in the intermediate of the crash, subsequent to which the price arrived back to $0.11 USD in less than 12 seconds of entire market inactivity on Bitfinex.

The group has however concluded on the renewed and aged issues that Bitfinex’s order books might not be as liquid as they emerge. The mentioned concerns are rooted from the remote flash-crashes on Bitfinex during 2015 and previously they invoked predictions that the company was constantly importing the orderbooks of other exchanges to foster the figment of offering greater liquidity – a deceptive strategy that Bitfinex’s CFO, Giancarlo Devasini, had already admitted the exchange used to perform.

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