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A teen created a Bitcoin app, Threatened of her action

Feb 11, 2018 Posted /  13964 Views

A teen created a Bitcoin app, Threatened of her action

Harshita Arora is a coder by profession and recently came into limelight due to threatening warnings received by her. She built an ISO app to track the crypto price and shared its link on Reddit which was part of her marketing plan. All she was looking for few more downloads and feedbacks by consumers.  Instead, she accounted rape threats, hateful messages, abusive emails and tweets claiming that her product is not original, rather it is plagiarized.

She launched a price tracking app on 20th January for iPhone users and named it ‘Crypto price tracker’.  To spread a word regarding her newly launched app, she promoted it on Bitcoin Subreddit where she aimed for target consumers. A 16-year old girl was able to build this app due to her tech background and will to learn. She never denied that she got helped by her mentor

.Harshita Arora began her career in technology from school while studying Computer Science. She learned Adobe design software and decided to leave school as she believed she could learn much more in working environment. She did various internships in a related field such as MIT, Silicon Valley etc.

But things turned outsoar when on 5th February, a woman claimed that she can not build app herself. All people started calling her a fraud. As per the Redditors, only a grown probably a man could create what she claimed to produce.

In the initial messages, Arora tried to defend herself by showing her work. She even encountered her known ones talking untrue about her and doubting her as a coder.  Arora felt devastated and through a friend’s help she tracked down the people who were harassing her. The defamatory post shared by a woman doubting Arora’s skills was also deleted from the internet.

Harshita faced a terrible incident but she also had a sense of justice and happiness that she didn’t back down. Arora calls herself a designer and her interest in it gets reflected in her work -  Crypto price tracker app. But she never claimed that she did this alone. As per sources, she told that she was assisted by a mentor of hers in writing back-end code.

Arora is not ready to sacrifice all the appraisal and credit that she deserves just because of a back-end code. She believes that she made an app out of scratch and people should respect ones hard work.

“People, programmers especially, think of design as just being able to generate color, text and use software, They underestimate how much work it takes and how much you need to think about UX and UI. It took me longer to design app from scratch than programming.” – Harshita Arora

Harshita is a young girl who is trying to learn something new every day and finding her way to the technology industry. With all the creativity and dedication she created this app and succeeded in clearing all allegations.

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