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7 ways to monitor your app user with the best analytics tools

May 10, 2017 Posted /  5191 Views

7 ways to monitor your app user with the best analytics tools

The numbers of mobile users have increased a lot in the recent times. Each user is different from other. This has made the job of company difficult to know all the customers. This is where the data analysis comes to help you. You need to analyse the data through your app about the customer so that you can understand the needs of the customer. This will help you to develop new products and policies according to the needs of the customer. This will increase the chance for the success of your product. There are many tools that can help to achieve that. So, let’s see the 7 ways by which you can monitor your app users using these tools.

1.    The number of app downloads is one of the important parameters for judging the success of any app. The app could use this parameter to determine the success of their app. 

2.    There are many analytics tools out there that help you to get the information regarding the number of users that have installed the app and are currently using that app.

3.    The next most important thing is the user lifetime cycle. This is an important parameter as it helps in predicting the future sales of your product. It gives you the details like how many people have actually use the paid version of your app or how many revenues has been generated by your app.

4.    The next most important thing is the tracking of the referral codes. The customer base generation is the important factor which decides the success of your app. So, if you track the referral codes then you will get an idea of how many customers are actually liking the app and recommending that to others.

5.    The another most important thing is keeping track of app’s performance which includes the crashes, logs, network errors and many more thing.

6.    The analytics of the app rating and review will also give you an idea about the performance of your app and the response of the users about your app.

7.    The time that user spends on your app will directly indicate the success of your app. If you track the time spent by each user then you could get the idea about how much your app is engaging the user or how much the users are interacting with your app.

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