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7 Tools used by big data analysts

May 07, 2017 Posted /  2582 Views

7 Tools used by big data analysts

Big data is the term used for the data set that is very large and complex. This data is so large that it cannot be handled by the normal software. The demand for the big data analyst has also increased a lot in recent times. These big data analysts help the companies in tackling the large data and giving its report to the organisation which can be later used to make the organisational decision. There are many challenges that include in handling the big data. Some of these challenges are capture, storage, analysis, of these data. Now to tackle these problems there are many tools that the big data analysts use every day. So, let’s look at the 7 tools used by the big data analysts.

1.    Hadoop

This is open source software. This is used for storing very large data sets. This means that you can easily scale up and down without any hardware failures. 

2.    Cloudera

This is basically an extension of Hadoop. This is a good application for the business purpose and it offers an easy access to data.

3.    MongoDB

This is a relatively new way of storing a large amount of data. This is the alternative to the relational databases. This is one huge benefit that it can be used for the storing of data that change very frequently.

4.    Talend

This is great open source company that offers many data products. The main benefit of this application is that it’s free and saves a lot of time in managing the data.

5.    Splice Machine

This is a real-time SQL database. This app is very useful for those users that need the database that responds faster and in an efficient way.

6.    Pentaho Business Analytics

This is software that was earlier used for report generation. This can be used with many NoSQL databases like Mongo DB. 

7.    Skytree server

This is an application that performs many sophisticated tasks like it handles machine learning algorithms. This is very simple to use that user have to just type the commands in the command line.

8.    Splunk

This application creates the index of your data. It creates in such a way that it makes your data in the form of a book with the index. 

These were the few tools used by the big data analyst commonly. The demand for these analysts is only going to increase in the coming time. This increase in demand will bring out a number of good tools to make the life easy for these big data analysts.

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