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5 Tips to Maximize Profit by Mobile App Development Outsourcing : Konstant Infosolution

May 05, 2017 Posted /  2292 Views

5 Tips to Maximize Profit by Mobile App Development Outsourcing : Konstant Infosolution

Mobile App Development Outsourcing - 5 Tips to Maximize Profit : Konstant Infosolution

Outsourcing the app development work can generate leak in your pocket. Here are five clever ideas to avoid it.

The mobile app world has come a long away. The way companies used to think in taking things forward has transformed from traditional to modern practices. Whether it’s a startup or a well-established brand, the motive is to utilize the available resources to the maximum while cutting down on cost and time. Outsourcing your development requirements can help you achieve this feat, thereby saving time, money, infrastructure and manpower.

Who doesn’t want to save?

With businesses making an all-important shift to mobile platform, it requires them to incur the additional cost of hiring an in-house team to do the needful. This is where outsourcing comes in the picture diminishing the additional expenses and charges.

Outsourcing mobile application development can reap a variety of benefits, but only if you keep the key rules in mind and brainstorm the requisites well in advance. Know the rules, follow them cleverly and the game called outsourcing will be yours. Here’s what you need to take care of.

1.    Purpose of the app

Defining the app purpose is necessary as you look forward to interacting with your development partner. Be clear in your thoughts, know the problem to be addressed and features to incorporate. Maybe you could be ready once you answer the following questions.

-    What problem will be addressed by your app?

-    What’s the scope and idea feasibility?

-    Who are your target users?

-    Will the app add value?

-    What are the features?

-    Which OS to target, Android or iOS?

-    Do you want a native or cross-platform app?

-    A free version would do or you need a premium version as well?

Once you answer them with satisfaction, it’s time to research, discuss and analyze. Invite feedbacks from your friends, family and other people you talk to and identify how feasible your idea is.

2.    App Budget

Whether you get your app developed by in-house developers or outsource the project, make sure you have a tentative budget in your mind. Deciding on the budget at an initial stage could help you rubbish certain factors while focusing on the ones that matter. It becomes even more important when you decide to outsource the development task. Maintain a clear understanding of the project and pricing from the very start so that no financial quarrels come up after project completion.

Although, outsourcing is meant to save money but it isn’t necessary that the agency producing the lowest quote will deliver the best. You could end up in a lucrative trap so act wisely in such situations- analyzing what is good and what isn’t. 

3.    App development company- potential, experience and expertise

Outsourcing means you’d be handing over the project to the third person. Hence, it’s important that you perform enough research ensuring the mobile app development company can handle the project and complete it within deadlines. Ask for their portfolio. Professional companies would be more than happy to share it with you. Make sure you interview the vendor thoroughly, inquiring about their past work, experience, domains of specialization, certifications (if any), awards and recognitions in the past, their creative and communication skills and more.

You don’t want to leave any stone unturned in this regard as the success of the project will be dictated by the personnel behind the scenes. If your hire good, the outcomes will be good and vice-versa so don’t hesitate in asking questions that boggle your mind and make it a point to clear all the possible doubts at the start so that future operations can be carried out smoothly. 

Also, discuss the plan with the developer and mutually define milestones. This helps when the communication lags during the process as the milestones have already been in place for the team to accomplish. Another benefit of defining the short-term goals is that the team can move step-by-step without hassling towards the goal.

4.    Integrity and security

Security remains the main concern to be addressed. You got to be proactive in identifying the flaws and areas through which breach of code can be made. Ensure the development company you outsourced your project to is good enough to address the security issues and keep the idea allied to source code inside a cocoon. You can also sign NDA that ensures the information exchanged and communication done between the two parties remain private and protected.

5.    Communication funnel

Since you’d outsource your project, there is a possibility of the development team to be not in the same state or province as you. This is where communication plays the vital role. At the start of the project discover all the possible options of communication that’ll help in keeping misunderstandings at bay. Good communication and understanding skills are required for both the parties to be on the same page. Make it certain in the beginning that you have multiple options at your disposal including skype, IM messenger, email and other prominent project management tools.


With modern practices in place, companies around the world are opting for outsourcing services- thereby completing tasks in a cost-effective fashion. Reliable and proficient app developers are ready to take up tasks, all you need to do is identify the best according to your requirements. Rushing into things won’t help, instead stay focused, research the market well and invest in the right resource.

We, at Konstant Infosolutions, have served more than 2500 clients globally and possess experience in varied domains. If you have anything in mind that needs to be discussed, then feel free to send us an email @ or filling up the form will also do.  

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