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25 upcoming ICOs for July 2017

Jul 04, 2017 Posted /  4622 Views

25 upcoming ICOs for July 2017

25 upcoming ICOs for July 2017:

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Applancer introduces the list of upcoming 25 Initial Coin Offerings:

1. Hive project:

Hive (HVN) platform uses Ethereum blockchain technology and smart contracts associated with the blockchain technology to assign a unique symbol or a fingerprint to every invoice issued by tokenizing invoices and declaring them on the blockchain. This makes it easier for the small and medium scale businesses and enterprises to automate their invoicing process, taking advantage of the process of invoice factoring. Hive acts as a decentralized data platform for all invoices submitted, each of which has a unique history or record for the issuer, owner, and payer of the invoice. These invoices can, therefore, be made available as a shared source of liquidity for factoring and invoice financing.
The crowdfunding campaign or the ICO for the Hive platform is scheduled from 3rd July to 14th August. The start-bonus of the ICO is said to be 15% of the total supply. The total supply of the coins is limited to 500,000,000 HVN.

2. Santiment ICO:

Along with a regularly updated database of new and existing cryptocurrency projects, The platform Santiment provides content streams and data feeds of the crypto coins and its market. Its long-term goal is to be the market data infrastructure for cryptocurrency and the blockchain economy. The Santiment Network Token Prototype (SAN) is a token approved by FINMA and issued in Switzerland. By exchanging SAN tokens, users and exchanges get access to free streams of information and feeds related to cryptocurrencies. It is also the sole means of purchasing exclusive data feeds and content (mostly sentiment-related) available via auctions. Non-exclusive services are available for fiat subscriptions. They are launching a token sale or their ICO with a minimum cap of 15,000 ETH and a maximum of 45,000 ETH, which will launch in phases on July 4th, 2017. The fixed price of the token is 1 ETH = 1000 SAN.


ACT is a decentralized Autonomous  Organisation (DAO) uniquely for social accountability by consolidating micropayments from a large group of citizens to fund proposals from grass root level that have the potential to make a great change in the society. Social accountability is the capability and extent of the citizens in holding the state accountable and making it useful and responsive to their needs. ACT is the token that is the unit of account in ACE (ACT Curation Engine). During ICO, 10 billion ACT tokens will be released and they are allocated by smart contracts in different ways such as ACT Donation Campaigns - 82.5% (including pre-ICO), ACT contributors  - 8%, ACT Team - 5%, Daoact Pvt Ltd. - 3%  and ACT Bounties - 1.5%. ICO smart contract will be ready for deployment on November 18th, 2017, however, if the project has not raised its cap amount by then (this cap will be decided before the pre-ICO) fundraising can continue until January 18th. The latest that ACT Tokens will be issued is, therefore, January 18th, 2018 and the earliest date is November 18th, 2018.

4. Suretly ICO:

Suretly is a platform derived from a unique concept known as crowd vouching. Crowdvouching is the procedure of guaranteeing a loan payment by vouching money contributions from a large number of investors or co-signers. It has many advantages over the P2P lending platforms. In this, the vouchers or the investors don't actually lend any money to the borrowers, but they will act as a guarantee to repay the loan amount of the borrower in the case of borrower's default. Suretly is releasing their token SUR and its ICO is planned to happen from July 11 to August 11 with a goal of achieving $1.5 million to $10 million U.S.D. Then SURcoin which is the highest investor will issue a crowd sale where all willing users can buy these tokens in exchange for different cryptocurrencies like BTC, ETH, LTC, Waves, etc. The initial exchange rate of SUR token will be 0.1 ETH or the equivalent of that amount in any of the other cryptocurrencies.

5. Starbase ICO:

Starbase is both an open and closed source project. Starbase.Inc will do technical consulting by providing a crowdfunding/sourcing platform which enables you to issue conditional tokens from templates. The teams who have innovative ideas and works can post their works on the platform and supporters can fund them using BTC, ETH or any other platform crypto coin. Generally, this kind of job is not long term, but in the duration of 1 week to 6 months. STAR is the consumable, rewardable, inflationary(roughly 2.5% p.a.) token of the Starbase platform. By using STAR, you can fund other projects, pay for supporters of your project, or exchange them for goods or services as well through our platform.  STAR tokens are built on ERC20 type Ethereum platform. Starbase will issue initial 1 Billion (= 1,000,000,000) Starbase (STAR) Tokens. ICO Of the tokens will be starting from 30th July.

6. Akasha:

Akasha is a social networking platform where users publish, share and vote for entries, similar to Medium and other modern publishing platforms, with the difference that in this platform, the content is actually published over a decentralized Ethereum network rather than on the servers. Moreover, the votes are bundled with micro-transactions so that if the user's content is good it will generate value – in a way, it is equivalent to mining with your mind. The alpha version of the platform is already available for Linux, MacOS, and Windows and currently, runs on a private Ethereum test net. The main Ethereum network launch (AKASHA 1.0) is expected to happen in either the third or fourth quarters of 2017. The token AETH (Akasha ETH) is their test token on the private chain used for their pre-release. These tokens are used solely for the purpose of testing the platform. Currently, users can obtain AETH tokens by creating an account on the AKASHA platform. The ICO will happen during the third quarter of 2017, during the platform's beta release.

7. Coindash ICO:

Coindash is an operating system for crypto assets, making handling of crypto assets and trading easy and accessible. This platform removes the barriers of entry into cryptocurrency investments, which has many merits such as decentralisation, open 24x7, Huge potentials of growth, etc to all users. Coindash uses all the features of blockchain technology to make the cryptocurrency trading easier for everyone. CoinDash’s ecosystem includes three synergistic components SaaS (Software as a Service), Social Network and Marketplace. For using different functionalities on the platform, users should pay fees. CoinDash platform will have a token which will be used as a mode of payment of any fees in the platform. This creates a direct correlation between the success of the platform and the value of the token. The ICO for this crypto based Social trading platform will be started from July 17th.

8. Soundchain:

According to the leading industry experts, the biggest problem in the music industry is the issue of transparency. Due to the fact that all the data is stored using legacy systems and very inefficient processes, not only it is impossible to track who owns what, but it is also impossible to enforce. The soundchain platform is a platform for compensating this disadvantage of the music industry using the concept of blockchain technology and smart contracts in Ethereum platform.SOCH (Soundchain) tokens are the tokens of this platform. Almost 100 million SOCH tokens are created to facilitate the Soundchain economy. In the next ten year, another 100% would be issued. The soundchain token is used to buy Smart Licenses, periodic dividend payments, as well as token for PoS (Proof-of-Stake) security deposits. The SOCH tokens can be easily used for trade they can be interchanged to any other cryptocurrencies or Fiat currency. The token's crowdsourcing or ICO will be happening in the third quarter of July 2017.

9. Po.Et ICO: (Proof-of-Existence) is a universally shared digital ledger or blockchain of all the digital creative works in the world. Users can generate immutable and timestamped titles for their creative works and register their assets to the network. Because is a decentralized platform works on the blockchain technology, with its metadata attribution safe and immutable. uses cryptography to give both publishers and content creators the tools to automate the licensing process without relying on any third parties. Through a truly transparent attribution system, the users are able to discover new content or verify the authenticity of an article. It bridges the gap between publishers and content writers. The system is easily extensible. has its native token (POE) which is used to secure the network by verifying licensing and ownership claims. The token's ICO will start from 25th of July.

10. Starta ICO:

Starta Accelerator is a Moscow-based initiative which is developed to collaborate and speed up the growth of selected East European startups. This is the first program that aims to enable East European startups to gain traction in the United States and achieve seed and Round A funding. The ICO of the company's token will be handled by a Singapore-based legal firm Cross coin. The token of the company Starta is built on the Waves platform and represents Proof-of-Membership. The price of each Starta token is equal to $1 USD. Their ICO will be occurring from July 4th.

11. Royal Kingdom Enterprise:

Royal Kingdom Enterprise is a company which offers B2B solutions to business customers as their goals and areas of expertise are moving ever more towards the direction of the bright new world of blockchain technology. Their crypto coin is RKC (Royal Kingdom Token). The Token Royal Kingdom Coin is an ERC20 compliant smart contract at the top of the Ethereum lock. The total supply of tokens is limited to 15,000,000 RKC, this amount is fixed, no coins will be issued anymore. The ICO will be occurring from July 10 to August 10.

12. Vega ICO:

Vega is a decentralized and secure funding platform built on the Ethereum blockchain which is developed to provide decisions from a worldwide network depending on cryptography and its industry. It isn't a money management service, but rather a platform for people to pool money and encourage the growth of organizations seeking to fund from a global audience. Vega Tokens will be created in the ERC-20 standard. It has no maximum supply. But its initial supply for the ICO is limited to 12,000,000 tokens. Users would have the option to transfer or ‘forward’ their voting weight to another user without transferring their tokens. The ICO of the token will be launched in the third quarter of 2017.

13. Prospectors ICO:

Prospectors team have developed a Massively Multiplayer Online Real Time Economic Strategy, which will use a game crypto-currency based on ]Ethereum platform. The main advantage of Prospectors is that we will be able to monetize the time spent on the game, unlike other gaming online platforms. In other words, players will be able to not only enjoy the game but earn on it as well. The gold earned in the game is going to be converted into real money. The token of this gaming platform is Obligation (OBT). The ICO is launched in order to raise minimum  8000 ETH and maximum 78500 ETH. The ICO was planned to be from June 1st to July 1st. But it's postponed.

14. Fin Shi Capital:

FinShi Capital is a venture funding platform build on the blockchain technology. Anyone who has at least one dollar can become an investor. The fund was founded by Capinvest 21 venture fund and a group of Capinvest 21 and Asian LPAsian venture investors (Asia LP). FinShi Capital is currently supporting more than 30 fastly establishing fintech projects, any of which will be invested in after ICO. FinShi Capital expects to raise 30 to 100 million dollars in order to invest in fintech and blockchain projects from the ICO. FinShi Capital tokens (FINS) can be bought from the ICO with any of the most popular cryptocurrencies (BTC, ETH, LCOIN, WAVE etc.). Its pre-ICO sale is occurring from June 15th. ICO will be launched in July.

15. Monetha ICO:

Monetha is creating a universal decentralized trust and reputation solution working flawlessly together with mobile payments processing on the
Ethereum blockchain leveraging smart contract technology. Every time a transaction is made, claim registered, solved or unsolved (according to the purchase details saved during the purchase), review written, etc., the smart contract will automatically change the trust level for each of the parties involved. Monetha tokens will be distributed to investors during the crowd sale. The tokens are a digital asset, bearing value by themselves based on their underlying assets, properties and/or associated rights. The accepted currency during the ICO is Ether. And the ICO will be happening in August.

16. Pillar ICO:

The PILLAR WALLET is a new open source wallet which has so many features than the already available wallets due to its decentralized and secure blockchain technology. It's not only a wallet, but it's a browser, and an exchange. Users have to pay a fee for using the features of the platform. The token will power (provide micropayments for) the entire ecosystem, giving an instant business model to many projects that can tie in. This is the beauty of the token: you may need a service exactly once and you won’t need to sign up for it, you’ll just pay for it with a Pillar token and you’re done. The token of the wallet Pillar (PLR) is based on Ethereum ERC20 token. ICO will be held from 15th July to 17th of July.

17. FundRequest ICO:

FundRequest is an integrated platform to fund open source projects, thus financially incentivising the open source community. The platform allows developers to fix bugs or to program additional features for an existing application. FundRequest will be developed on the Ethereum Blockchain. FundRequest develops smart contracts that are linked to specific objectives (like GitHub or StackExchange issues). The smart contracts are processed by the Ethereum blockchain. FundRequest will launch a crowd sale in the form of the ICO on the Ethereum blockchain. Tokens will be used to track stakeholders of FundRequest Tokens (FND). FND tokens will be of a standardized ERC20 form, so it can be integrated or displayable by any party. The ICO will take place towards the end of July.

18. Dent coin ICO:

DENT is a universal exchange for mobile data services, just like the cryptocurrencies exchanges for other platforms. The main advantage of DENT is that it will make the mobile data pricing and usage transparent with the help of blockchain technology. DENT Tokens will be the global currency for the exchange of mobile data packages. Estimated token value in ETH offered in the ICO is 152,000 ETH and the ICO is launching on 12th of July.

19. Rockchain ICO:

Rockchain is a data intelligence platform which is decentralized and distributed which connects to local data stores and performs map reduce operations on the classified data. Rockchain platform connects to the different Factmap nodes, which are computers of various corporate companies. Rockchain can preserve data privacy if required by the FactMap node owner, and in that case, the data will never leave the node. Rockchain provides a DatascriptClient smart contract that can call a specific data script if the caller sends enough ROK tokens. The ROK token is defined with 18 decimals at token launch. Conversion rate: 1 ETH = 1000 ROK. ICO will happen from September 26th to October 26th.

20. Populous ICO:

Populous is a platform exclusively for invoice factoring which uses the XBRL data, blockchain technology and sophisticated algorithms such as the Altman Z-Score which are used to perform a very deep credit risk analysis on potential borrowers, linked companies, and their customers. XBRL is a global standard for exchanging business information which is freely available. It's also currently used to define and exchange financial information, such as a company’s financial statements. The platform's tokens are known as POkens which is available worldwide. Pokens are backed by the funds of investors who deposit funds on the platform to finance invoices. ICO of Pokens will be launched on 16th July.

21. bitJob ICO:

bitJob is a platform which works on the decentralized Ethereum blockchain technology. It works on a Peer-to-Peer platform which facilitates students, freelancers and employers to find small online jobs. bitJob Student Coin: STU will be purchased or sold with Traditional (Fiat) Money And with Cryptocurrencies. All our contributors will be eligible to receive bitJob STU Tokens, by participating in our Crowdfund Campaign Planned for September 12th, 2017. Pre-ICO sale starts on August 2nd.

22. AI Gang ICO:

AI Gang introduces a Blockchain protocol for digital insurance. It offers Insurance for Internet-of-Things using DAO and smart contracts. Smart policy is the basis of all the digital insurance schemes worldwide.It is just similar to the rules and regulations put forward by the Government in normal insurances.  In the case of insurance as DAO, P&L is calculated and released instantly because blockchain updates the capital positions continuously. Their ICO will be launched in the third quarter of 2017.

23. Rialto ICO:

The goal of the Rialto platform is to connect thousands of gateways with millions of transactions that are currently executed within the isolated exchanges. It's using very sophisticated algorithms and software. They help identify trade opportunities, interpret the historical database, find data patterns, and adjust the parameters in real-time. The crowd sale of the tokens will be happening from July 15th to August 15th. All cryptocurrencies including BTC, ETH, and XRP are accepted.

24. Coin Job ICO:

Building on the well-established business model of “gig-economy” labor markets such as UpWork and Gigster, the CoinJob project creates a low fee, distributed labor marketplace for computer-based work featuring the Jobi (XCJ), an Ethereum-based digital token. CoinJob is able to substantially reduce fees in the marketplace and offer automatic third-party arbitration in the event of dissatisfaction of work product. XCJ tokens are Ethereum based and are divisible, i.e. their number need not be an integer. Fractional shares are introduced for convenience. The smallest fraction is 0.00001 XCJ. The Initial Coin Offering (ICO) will commence on July 14th and run for 1 month or until the allocation has been claimed. The total number of tokens sold during the ICO is 60,000,000 with the remaining 40,000,000 of available tokens being retained by the company at the disposal of the Board of Directors.

25. DimCoin ICO:

The Data Interchange Module (DIM) cryptocurrency is a cryptocurrency which works on the P2P (Peer-to-Peer) model. It is a secure, robust and private digital solution. The DIM is completely built on the network NEM. NEM is a new cryptocurrency on P2P model and blockchain platform which has introduced many additional features to the blockchain technology which ensure the safety and security of the transactions.
It is not just a cryptocurrency, but it is a complete financial ecosystem. The ICO of DIMCOIN countdown is scheduled from 1st to 30th of June. The pre-ICO will happen from 1st to 15th of July. The DIMCOIN ICO will be from 16th July to 27th August. Each person interested in buying the cryptocurrency should make sure that they are eligible to buy the particular currency according to the place of residence. 1 DIM Token means 100 DIMCOINS. Total supply of the tokens is limited to 10 million. For getting the commission of token holders, they should have at least 50 tokens. The maximum purchase limited to a person is 4,500,000 Tokens. All cryptocurrencies including BTC, ETH, LTC, XEM, DASH, USDT are accepted.

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