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20 ways to boost your mobile app downloads

Jun 22, 2017 Posted /  4021 Views

20 ways to boost your mobile app downloads

20 ways to boost your mobile app downloads:

One of the most fastly growing industries in the world is the mobile and mobile app development industry. There are almost 3 million mobile apps developed for various platforms like iOS and Android in the Play store as well as the App store. Everyday 1000 apps are released all over the world in the app marketplace. If we want to get the maximum rating, customers and popularity for our new app, we have to compete with these newly developing apps in the market and also the already available group of apps. There are even multiple apps for the same purpose.So the competition is very high. 

To get the maximum number of downloads for the app we developed, we should have some strategies in hand.

Here 20 such strategies or ways to increase the downloads of your mobile app is being given by the

1. Good Descriptions for the app:

We can mark this as the first key for getting maximum downloads for our app. Mostly the first thing people look at when they install an app is the description given in the app market place and in the app. According to the descriptions, customers can note whether the app provides all their necessities. Make this description in very simple and attractive words so that it should be suitable for all the customers. It should be user-friendly as possible. One such user-friendly approach is by representing the description in different languages. People will be more comfortable with their native languages. There are software available for doing this translation. In this, we should describe all the permissions needed by the app in the device. And it is better if the description is keyword oriented. 

2. Marketing the apps via blogs and contents:

Content marketing is the best way of getting to potential clients or customers without giving an advertisement directly. There are many blog writers and content marketing companies who write content for their client's products. But only after reaching a secured position in the app market place, we can go for content marketing. People won't be interested in getting advertisements on their personal devices, but with a content, the story is different. Content is the reason why search started.

3. Introduce Limited Discount schemes:

We can introduce plans in the first stage after the app launch to attract the customers to download our app. We can give discounts like half or no payment for a limited time of usage. This strategy, we always see in the games and other apps in the app market place. During this discount time, if the performance of the app is user-friendly and features of the app are found alluring, then the users will pay the amount and install our apps. This way we can reach the top positions in the app store so that a large number of customers will notice our app.

4. Make a video for the app:

Sometimes a video about the features and functionalities of the app gives the user or the customer the feeling that this app is what they ultimately need. We can include user experiences with the app in the video and it should be creative to attract as many customers as possible. It is to be made considering all the audience of the app. There are many companies who can help in improving the video making such as Apptamin.

5. Use Analytics to study the customers:

Relying on analytics is a must. We’ll want to keep our active customers as high as possible. That is the way of getting continuous downloads. An excellent app analytics will offer multi-app options such as giving us the ability to compare between them, let us see the user’s behaviors, from the download of the app to its deletion. Some of the common tools for this are Flurry Analytics, Google Universal Analytics, Countly, Localytics, etc.

6. Use a cover image for the app in the marketplaces:

These are some simple tricks we can use to get the eyes of as many users as possible for the app. But sometimes we will forget such simple things. A relevant cover image can give the user the correct idea about our app and we will be able to increase the app download.

7. Real life screenshots:

In the app marketplace, putting the real life screenshots of the usage of the app is a very popular procedure for increasing the downloads of that app. This step will go a long way in demonstrating the GUI, the usage and the comfortability level of the app. So always add the screenshots of the app to increase the downloads of the app.

8. Ratings and real reviews can be included in the app marketplace:

The important thing a sensible person searches before installing an app in his device is by checking the reviews of the clients who are using the app currently and the rating of the app among all the apps in the app store. If the reviews prove that the app is one worth having in terms of its features, functionalities, and the comfortability level, we can surely increase the downloads, thereby increasing the ranking of the app.

9. E-mail marketing:

This is one sure way of marketing a newly made app. There are many platforms via we can get the details of customers who might be interested in the app. And signing up with any app market places is done by using the email id of a person. So this is the most easily available contact. Sending interesting advertisements about the newly launched app is a better way of increasing its popularity and number of active devices.

10. Search engine optimization:

This is another important way by which we can increase the users of an app. Search engine optimization is the process of getting traffic from a free or natural search results on conventional search engines. 

11. Pay-per-click model:

We can give advertisements about our app on different platforms like search engines or browsers. When each user clicks it, the advertiser will be getting some payment. This is a very helpful strategy and also popularly used.

12. Get the help of social media communities:

This is one step we should never forget to improve the downloads of our app. There are many social platforms and media like Facebook, WhatsApp, quora, twitter, LInked-In etc. They all have their unique set of audience. According to the features of the app, select the platform where we advertise our app.

13. Using Press Releases:

This is a widely accepted procedure. However good our app maybe, it should be visible to the customers.Then only we can increase the rating of that app. Press releases are the best way to make the app we launched visible.

14. Using In-app referrals:

This is a very user-friendly strategy. When an app is downloaded, there is a provision for them to refer the app to their friends. The thing is that whenever the person who was being referred downloads that app, that person will get a discount or some money as their gift, the referred person will get a prize. We can see the example of this in Uber. 

15. CPI Burst Campaigns:

Whenever we search for apps in play store or app store, the search will go at most till the 50th app on the list. Obviously, developers work hard to make their app reach the highest positions. One solution for this is by making use of a CPI (Cost-Per-Install) scheme through different advertisers.We will pay a certain amount of money for each install.The idea is not to get a money return but to make the app reach a higher position in the list of apps.

16. Use an app of the day service:

There is much software that gives a list of all good apps while we are searching or doing other activities on the web. There are some pop-ups arising about the list of apps which are good for our requirement while we are going through webpages. They play an important role in increasing the downloads of the app.

17. Regular app updates and upgrades:

This one is really really important. In order to come into the top position among the apps and to maintain that position for long-term, the ultimate way is to regularly update the app and add additional and improved functionalities to upgrade the app.

18. Skillfully select the design elements:

The developer has to skillfully select the design elements while designing an app. A good design can do wonders in making the rating of the app go higher. If only a user finds the design of the app very interesting, he will go for downloading the app. 

19. Website design for the app:

This is an uncommon strategy for increasing the downloads of an app. We can design a website describing the details, functionalities and excellent features of the app we just created. The mobile app developers will be already expert in all programming languages and frameworks. So website design won't cost a lot of trouble.


20. Understanding the various trends of app marketplace:

This is very important. The features of apps in Play store and App store are different slightly. The developer has to understand all those basic differences and develop the app accordingly.

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