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15 Top tokens and Coins based on Waves Platform

Jul 17, 2017 Posted /  5688 Views

15 Top tokens and Coins based on Waves Platform

15 Top Tokens and Coins based on Waves Platform:

Waves is a Blockchain token platform that allows the creation transfer and exchange of custom and fiat tokens and assets through the Blockchain without volatility.The Waves lite client will feature a Portfolio, voting area to facilitate consensus on various projects and a messaging center. Due to its simplicity and efficiency, many projects and tokens are being built on the platform.

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Here are the top 10 tokens or coins based on the Waves platform:



1. Starta token:

Starta Accelerator is an acceleration program launched by Starta Capital VC Fund in 2015. The mission of Starta Accelerator is to empower Eastern European technology start-ups and other companies based on technology through exposing them to USA market. Starta is the token of the platform build in Waves platform. The total fund raised in the Starta ICO was $5,058,033.

2. Waves BTC token (WBTC):

The Waves BTC token (WBTC) represents Bitcoin on the Waves blockchain. Bitcoin marked the beginning of the cryptocurrency industry and is thus the most popular crypto coin. Waves allow people to store and transfer it more efficiently due to Waves’ high speeds and low transaction fees. Every WBTC token is securely held in a multi-sig wallet.

3. Incent token:

Incent is a platform which corrects the inefficiencies in the loyalty industry by offering universal currency of reward based on the Waves platform. The digital loyalty solution built by the BitScan also has many other functionalities to help the merchants and traders. There are mainly three components in the Incent application layer which are a suite of web hook plug-ins and a web application and wallet based on Google's Firebase.

4. WCT (Waves Community Token):

The Waves Community Platform is a platform used to provide community assessments of various ICOs o the WAves platform. It also provides an additional income for the Waves token holders. The platform can be called as an online or virtual organization for a community. According to the development of Waves platform, it will be developed step by step.

5. Darcrus token:

Darcrus is a platform aimed at creating SQL based development dapps for different development companies. The Darcrus (DAR) token which is based on the Waves platform will entitle holders to buy back bonuses at different stages in the company’s development. The Darcrus token will also be listed on several exchanges starting with Bittrex.

6. ZrCoin token:

ZrCoin is the first ever blockchain option for investing in the production of an in-demand industrial material. The token is not at all affected by the volatility of the market or by inflation and its a reliable way for investments. The company offers complete transparency at every stage of the product development.

7. MobileGo token:

MobileGo tokens are used for the gamification of a mobile platform and give incentives and other rewards to its users. MobileGo tokens will also allow for smart contract technology. THis platform also allows development of a virtual mobile gaming marketplace based on Blockchain technology and smart contracts.

8. MoneyTech (MT) token:

MoneyTech (MT) is a first token, based on real crypto mining business, which allows everyone not only to get profit from ETH/ZCash mining but also to be co-owners of the mining farm. Mining Bitcoin has been started more than 8 years and this process does not lose its relevance even today. MoneyTech is the very first coin which is provided along with the mining equipment. MoneyTech has launched their crypto token in the Waves platform.

9. CryptoPing token:

CryptoPing is a robot or bot which monitors different sources like news social media, different forums, etc for details of different altcoins. Whenever there is a rise in the market value of a particular alt coin, the bot will notify the customers. The platform used in building CryptoPing is the Waves.

10. s3ntigraph (Graph) token:

s3tigraph is a platform that utilizes the blockchain technology to generate graphical emotions on the basis of textual inputs. Graph, the s3ntigrapH token is based on the Waves platform, even though the s3ntigraph platform is Ethereum based. Graph, being a non ERC20 token cannot “play” in the Ethereum blockchain. However, s3ntigrapH’s “in-dapp” functionalities are completely independent of any tokens. The graph will thus be conceptualized as a store of value and ownership of s3ntigraph.

11. Suretly (SUR) token:

Suretly is a new solution which can compensate all the problems with Peer-to-Peer (P2P) lending platforms which are based on a unique concept known as Crowdvouching. Each borrower should get a large number of investors or co-signers in order for getting the loan. The loan can be guaranteed only that way on the platform. Suretly's token SUR is based on the Waves platform.

12. Monster Byte token:

Monster Byte Inc. is a company which has a group of highly experienced and highly profitable online gambling sites based on Blockchain technology. The whole platform is built upon a proprietary technology which is under the company's ownership. It will be profitable for the users if Monster Byte tokens are being held in a Waves platform and exchanged through the Waves LiteApp wallet.

13. is a decentralized social dashboard that creates a bridge to all existing or centralized social networks. This method gives each user ultimate control over their content, social channels, privacy, and data encryption. The crypto token of the platform is built on the Waves platform.

14. Monkey Capital (MNY) token:

Monkey Capital is a Fintech company formed as a result of a collaboration between DMH&CO and DX Markets. The total supply is limited to 1 billion MNY tokens. The MNY tokens are built on the Waves platform.

15. Impak Coin (MPK) token:

Impak Finance has a systemic thinking that places human beings at the heart of concerns. Impak Finance launches Impak Coin based on the Waves platform, as the first stable cryptocurrency designed to support the growth of the impact economy.


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