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15 Reasons you should outsource app development for your Startup

Jun 21, 2017 Posted /  3114 Views

15 Reasons you should outsource app development for your Startup

15 Reasons you should outsource app development for your Startup:

In the past few years, the number of customers using mobile and mobile apps based on Android and iOS has been rising exponentially. Right now, there are 2.8 million apps in Play store and in App store combinedly. Out of this, if you want your app to stand out, it should satisfy many conditions like it should have a great user interface and design, it should be well suited for use in many operating systems, it should have the attractiveness to engage as many customers as possible. There are thousands of app development companies, branded as well as startups who are engaged in the development of apps in great quality for clients of different industries. These many companies are competing among themselves to increase their number of clients and projects.

If a startup wants to mark their name in the industry, it will take some time for them. They will be having the necessary skills to provide quality service to the customers, but they might lack experience and the customers may take some time to believe in their work.That's where the real need for outsourcing the app development of your startup arises.

Here Applancer is introducing 15 of those reasons why a startup should outsource their app development

1. High-quality work:

There are many companies with a large experience in the development of various apps for different industries. Their portfolio will tell us the details about their past projects and client satisfaction. If we are selecting such a highly experienced company which has a large number of successful projects for the outsourcing of app development, then it's sure that the startup will be able to get a high-quality service.

2. Extensive expertise and experience:

When the startup is selecting an excellent app development company for outsourcing, then the developers working on our app will be having all the skills needed for the work to be done. They will be knowledgeable about different platforms like PHP, Javascript, HTML, Android, iOS, etc. So when we talk to the developers of that company about our app's requirements we will be able to understand that they have extreme expertise and experience in their field. 

3. Ability to solve unpredicted and critical problems:

During their past experiences in the design and development of mobile apps, the developers in the outsourcing company might have encountered many problems, predicted and unpredicted. So they will be knowing how to deal with an issue when one crops up during the development process. The main advantage of outsourcing is that, when such critical issues arise, a startup might get stuck, but an experienced development company will not.

4. Helps in avoiding the hiring process:

Hiring and selecting the most efficient person for the app development job will be a tedious procedure, especially for a startup. And even if we are able to select a person matching our requirements, we cannot be guaranteed that we will get the service and expertise we need. Outsourcing definitely helps to avoid hiring process.

5. They will be having a well-defined system of development:

Any well-experienced app development company will have a standard system of development and they will be using a standard framework for building the app. Such a company will always go through these 4 steps during the design and development of iOS or Android apps. They are Business analysis, Actual app development, Quality testing and Successful launch. And there will be a universally accepted predefined framework in the development process.The commonly used framework now is the Bootstrap.

6. Cost is reduced considerably:

Startups are usually created with initial fundings from different organizations and from personal sources. If the startup itself is hiring an app development team, it may cost around $150,000–450,000 for the development of an app. While if we are outsourcing the app development, the cost can be reduced to almost $10,000–80,000 based on venture capital, when the startup is having no or limited funding.

7. Flexibility in work:

An app is ultimately the idea of a client. App development is a flexible task. ie if the clients find out something in the prototype of the app the company already created, they can tell the company. If it's a good app development company, there will be enough manpower to make those necessary changes to the app. This flexibility in work helps in a healthy app development procedure.

8. Ability to involve in the development process:

The startups will be able to involve in the development procedure of app that is being developed by the app development company. If only they get the inputs from the startup, they can build the app according to the client's necessity. The company will inform the startup about the level of involvement they expect from them.

9. The Speedy launch of the app is possible:

With all such experience and expertise, the app development company will be able to finish the product in a limited time or they can do the procedure much faster with all the required quality. Startups can keep deadlines and good development companies will be able to finish their work within the prescribed timeline.

10. Support in introducing the app in app marketplaces:

By building the app, the job is not finished for the development company with which the startup outsourced. The company helps the startup to introduce the app to the marketplace or app store. Since they have many such experiences before, it will be a really good thing for the startup.

11. Support after app launch:

There are supports that the app development company offers their client after they have built the app.they include: creating updates, fixing bugs, adding additional functionalities and features. The startup will be able to get all these services at less cost and with great quality.

12. The startup's workforce can dedicate fully to in-house activities:

Since the app development is outsourced to another company, the startup's workforce will be able to completely concentrate on their core functionalities. If it's an entrepreneur based startup, they could fully concentrate on management and related tasks.

13. Transparency in work:

Mobile app development companies will keep the startup well informed about the details of the app at every level of development. Then only they can reach the expectations of customers. The commonly used collaboration tools are Jira, Asana, Basecamp, etc. They can do this via E-mail also.

14. In-depth research of company's customers:

Since the company is well experienced and have many sources and clients, they will be able to do research about the audience of the app they are going to develop for the startup. They can do this by analyzing their past clients in the same industry also. This will help the company to create apps according to the sense of the startup's customers.

15. Latest technology based apps:

Since we will be dealing with active companies with very large project experience, the developers of the firm will be well informed about the latest trends and technologies. So by outsourcing, startups have the advantage of getting the latest technology based apps.

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