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15 reasons why Omisego can rise in future

Sep 07, 2017 Posted /  2302 Views

15 reasons why Omisego can rise in future

15 reasons why Omisego can rise in future

OmiseGO is a public Ethereum based financial technology for utilizing it in conventional digital wallets, that facilitates peer to peer value exchange, real time, and payment services across authorities and managerial silos, and across both decentralized currencies and fiat money. 

1. OmiseGo not perturbed by China's ban on ICO

OmiseGo has stirred to banish reports about the company perhaps being impacted by China’s ban on ICOs.  From a Reddit post OmiseGo assured everybody that China’s prohibition on ICOs will not essentially harm the OMG network.

2. Issuing a huge a percentage of OMG

In August, OmiseGO announced that it would issue five percent of the total OMG tokens it has set to the side for Ethereum holders in the future using massive disbursement and an Airdrop to blockchain wallet addresses. 

3. Speedy recovery 

The value of the digital currency OmiseGo had experienced a decline in mid August 2017, and ultimately improved after the show of support by the Thai Ministry of Finance.The company is dynamically working in Asia, predominantly in such countries like Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore and Japan. 

4. Collaboration with Ethereum

Joseph Poon and Vitalik Buterin unite to put hard work to deal with Ethereum’s scalability problem by increasing Plasma scaling solution to be compliant with the OmiseGo.

5. Unconventional wallet

OmiseGO wallet SDK is quite adaptable in all ways. You can create your own styles and designs as well as embed your custom apps. It’s the best arrangement of the mainstream digital wallet and cryptocurrency wallet.

6. Unicorn status via ICO

Initial coin offering-funded company has outshined a billion-dollar market cap, making it the first to attain “unicorn” status simply via the ICO. OmiseGO is now the first ERC-20 token that have total estimation based on their coin distributions in excess of $1 billion.

7. About OmiseGo

This OmiseGO Blockchain encompasses a decentralized exchange, clearinghouse messaging network, liquidity provider mechanism  and asset-backed blockchain gateway.

8. Amazing scalability

It proffers a scalable and completely public blockchain whose PoS agreement is bonded by the activities of the chain itself. This network is planned as a highly performanced system leveraging interlinked blockchain construction, while clearing and settlement happens over the OmiseGO blockchain.

9. Quick rise in the market 

OmiseGo coin was introduced on July 14 with an initial price of $0.572523. It has quickly became the 12th largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization. One OmiseGo coin is currently priced at $7.4. Its price has thus risen by around 1,244 percent.

10.  Goals of OmiseGo

The eventual goal of OmiseGO is to produce a state of perfect competition in the world of currencies

11. OmiseGo features

The features are:

a. Access: Bank account is not needed to contact the exchange and it will have nationally-licensed full reserves.

b. Scalability: Immediate settlements and small costs will be main features of the platform.

c. Security: It offers decentralized fiat token custody and decentralized currencies.

12. Blockchain features of OmiseGo

a. Liquidity provider mechanism

b. Asset-backed blockchain gateway

c. Clearinghouse messaging network

d. Scalable and public (permissionless) blockchain

e. Decentralized exchange

f. Highly performaningsystem that leverages interlinked blockchain construction

g. Clearing and settlement occurs over the OmiseGO blockchain

h. PoS consensus is bonded by the activities of the chain itself

13. OmiseGo wallet features

It’s a white-label wallet, which signifies that companies can apply the wallet in various ways across various industries. Using this wallet users can deal in fiat currencies liberally besides decentralized currencies.

14. Unbank the banked strategy 

OmiseGO is the response to a basic management crisis among payment processors, gateways and financial institutions. Enabling decentralized exchange on a public blockchain at high volume and little cost, it provides a next generation value transfer service operating across currencies and asset types.

Their target customers are the 73% of the Southeast Asian population who do not currently utilize formal financial services (the alleged “unbanked”) and 27% of the population presently using formal financial services (“banked”).

15. Future for OmiseGo

With the quick rise in the prices, and unfazed by the ban, it seems that the OmiseGO coin is very promising since it has proved a better coin than many in the system in a short time.

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