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15 Reasons why Blackberry has almost 0% share in the Market in 2017

Feb 19, 2017 Posted /  4168 Views

15 Reasons why Blackberry has almost 0% share in the Market in 2017

Blackberry was one of the popular mobile software and Hardware Company back in early 2000. There was a huge craze of the blackberry phone in those days. There were a large number of devices that used to run on blackberry Operating System. There were many people who would felt pride if they had a blackberry smartphone. The main reason for the popularity of the blackberry was its security and access to emails at the palm of anyone’s hand. Another thing that made them unique was the QWERTY keyboard that they used to have. But times have changed now. There was a huge fall in the market share of blackberry after the rolling out of android devices. People started to like android more than the blackberry devices. At the present market, there are only three major companies that hold the market share in terms of an operating system in devices namely android, iOS and the Windows OS. So, what was the reason behind such a drastic fall in the market share of blackberry? Let’s look at the 15 reasons why blackberry has almost 0% share in the market today.

Here are the main reasons for the failure of Blackberry

1. There was a lack of innovation shown by the blackberry. They tried to follow the same design throughout their service.

2. Even after the release of first touchscreen mobile phone, Blackberry continued with the same design. They believed that their customer would not leave them and the sheer deign of the product is their identity. This stubborn nature shown by the blackberry was the reason people started shifting from blackberry to other devices.

3. The quality of their product was not good compared to the other devices. The newer companies brought new technology with them that made their product stand apart from the rest.

4. The blackberry OS was unreliable. There were many complaints about the operating system of the blackberry.

5. The device was terribly slow. Some people said that the device was even slower than the desktop. There was large issue of mobile phones hanging in the middle of work. This annoyed many customers.

6. The main focus of the blackberry was not the customers. This is where they got all wrong. There were many demands by the customers to improve certain things, add the certain new feature but they continued to follow their own policy and design and ignored the customer.

7. They did not look to expand their customer base. This was another reason for their failure. Blackberry once got into the market, were happy but they did not think about exploring new markets and to go further to deepen their roots.

8. The cost of the product remained very high. This was one of the main reasons why many people with low income cannot use the blackberry devices. Blackberry continues to keep the price of their devices very high which led to their fall. The newer companies brought cheaper phones to the market which increased their customer base.

9. They insisted with their own OS. There was a time when blackberry could have used the other OS like android. But they did not. This was another reason why they failed.

10. The UI and the UX of their device were not that good. It was simply a black screen with some text written over it. The newer companies focused more on the UI and UX of their device to increase the customer experience.

11. There were less number of app developers who developed the apps for blackberry devices. The availability of the app for the blackberry device was very less. This reason made users shift to android and iOS as they have lots of apps supported by their devices.

12. They did not learn from their mistakes. They knew that they were in the fall but continued with the same policy.

13. They did not make the blackberry OS for other devices. They restricted the use of the blackberry OS in their own device only.

14. Blackberry restricted them from trying out the new sectors. They put the focus on only producing mobile devices.

15. Their latest OS has poor integration with the Google cloud service.

These were the reasons why blackberry failed to capitalize the market. The most important reason of their fall was they did not change with the changing technology. It’s popularly said in the business that if you did not adapt yourself according to the market and listen to the customer, you are not going to stay in the market. That was the case with Blackberry.

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