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15 Insights on Ziber ICO

Jul 24, 2017 Posted /  4704 Views

15 Insights on Ziber ICO

15 Insights on Ziber ICO

What is Ziber?

It is well familiar to us how the block-chain technology is changing the world. The differences between people and countries are removed, business processes are becoming faster, efficient, prices are bringing down and the bureaucracy is also under control. It has also reduced the cost of international calls.

It is a decentralized system of masternodes around the world which can be installed on different servers or VPS. It is very easy to download the ziber application for mobile phones. It allows its mobile clients to call using the phone as a proxy server for routing. This call is entirely free and also doesn’t require paying any amount to the mobile provider. It costs way lesser than many big telephony companies like Viber, Skype and many others.

What is Ziber ICO?

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Ziber is going to launch its new ICO facility on 27th July, 2017 at 12:00 P.M according to the GMT, which ensures to provide various features which shall improve the functioning process.

15 Insights on Ziber ICO:

1. 100 Million Ziber Token Will be issued:

It is already announced that on the very first day of the inauguration / implementation of the Ziber ICO, there will be a distribution of 100 Million Ziber tokens for free to the Ziber users. This can be utilized during various other Ziber services. Therefore, it is something which is worth the wait.

2. Money Saving offer:

Ziber is an application which facilitates the users in money – saving. It reduces the total cost and thus makes the users spend the legitimate amount of money without any bureaucracy or conspiracy. What is charged is apt, just and free from any duality.  

3. Easy to Download and use:

It is very easy to download this application for both, the Apple as well as the Android users. It can be easily downloaded from PlayStore or the iosStore and therefore can be experienced this entirely life savior app. 

4. Completely free International calls:

There are several ways to call over the seas and stay connected with the near and dear ones but this application provides this facility for free. Yes, the user can do phone calls, video calls and other text messages internationally and that too devoid of any expenses.

5. Better than other telephony companies:

The companies like Skype, Liber are already popular on the international communication grounds but ziber ICO has certain salient features (free calling being one of them) which takes it one step ahead of these telephony companies. Moreover, they aim at facilitating more and charging less policy.

6. Gives an opportunity to earn money:

Not only saving, it also pumps up its users in making money. 

7. Reduce the rental cost for traveler:

It has reduced the rental cost for travelling. For instance, the Uber, when connected with Ziber turns out to be a massive savior as it reduces the total travelling cost and thus people can travel at minimal rates.

8. Simplifies the booking process:

The booking process is also simplified under this application.

9. Helps smartphone owner to explore:

Not only money making and money saving, its insights includes the freedom to smart phone users to explore things without any cost so as to assure that everyone experiences everything, conveniently.

10.  10% of token to Bitcoin:

The token which is assured under this Ziber app has this astounding offer, under which 10% of the token money will go to the Bitcoin and therefore, the user can religiously use it whenever required.

11. Make money for each user:

The total amount of money made is actually dependent on the total number of users, therefore more the money.

12. Barrier Removal between countries:

It acts as a barrier removal between the countries because people are getting connected and tuned at such a minimal costing. Moreover, this has also become a residual free stuff, which adds to its uniqueness. 

13.  Business process is getting more fast and efficient:

The business processes are getting smoother as the barriers between the countries are removed. Therefore, it acts a stimulator in reducing the differences among the countries.

14. Speeds up promotion and advertising:

The promotion and the advertisement are accelerating at a tremendous rate as there is no extra costing which was indulged previously. Therefore, it speeds up the entire process.

15. Changing the world for better:

Due to these exclusive features, it aims at shaping the world into something incredible and has a motto of getting everything together and thus brings a change in the current working processes. It is changing the world but for its betterment.

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