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15 Insights on Veritaseum

Aug 27, 2017 Posted /  1255 Views

15 Insights on Veritaseum

15 Insights on Veritaseum

Veritaseum has attracted a lot of attention when it conducted the ICO in May, since rarely we see a company doing a public offering of product and presenting itself as an entity without competitors. It launched as a ICO with no competitors at all, for the first time in the history of cyrptocurrencies.

Let us have few insights about the platform, CEO, Team etc:

1. What is Veritaseum?

Veritaseum is platform which allows the software based peer to peer capital markets without giving charges of brokerages,without the need for banks or any kind of traditional exchanges, whereas, Veritas is a kind of software. 

2. Veritaseum platform availability

Veritaseum's peer to peer platform for research is available, where their rental contracts will release beta around 29th August, it started announcing 'Veritazation' deals during the month of August 2017 by showcasing it's high end advisory services, it's financial machines VeADIR will beta around 29thSeptember.

3. Other venture dates

Veritaseum/Jamaica Stock Exchange digital asset exchange joint venture will beta around 29th September, it's joint venture, digital asset exchange joint venture with the top ten global securities exchange is scheduled to debut as proof of concept in 15th October, assuming the deal goes through, it's peer to peer OTC direct value trading will debut in the 4th quarter of 2018.

4. Not dependent on blockchain

Veritaseum’s products are not reliant upon any blockchain given that it can be moved to different blockchains. It will take a few engineering effort to port from, and among blockchains. They feel that most new blockchains will be written in such a manner as to be backwards compatible with the Ethereum applications.

5. About regulating Veritaseum

Veritaseum has already been setting up to release public financial reports. They think that they are a software based consultancy that has not issued any unregistered securities, but if forced to fulfill with SEC regulations, as something other than a software vendor, they don’t think that they will have a problem in doing so. Please be aware that they are not a regulatory specialists neither securities attorneys, hence this is simply their layman’s view.

6. Underreporting of their market cap

Coinmarketcap decide market cap using the 'circulating supply' as supposed to the total supply. Whether this number is under reported is up to your preferred method of reporting. In addition, they don’t feel it matters nearly as much as many presume. Market cap, in this sense, is not the similar as the valuation since valuation takes a bit more focused and meticulous approach than multiplying two numbers.

7. Veritas coins

The Veritaseum token offerings have ended26th May, but Veritas are at present offered through a decentralized token exchange. Although they do not own or control this property, i.e. you maintain control of your private keys (it is decentralized, owned by you i.e. the user), they find the premise of trading token properties without giving up ownership of your private to be essential to the business culture of Veritaseum.

8. Purchase platform for Veritas

You can buy Veritas from the decentralized exchange Etherdelta. The exchange platform is in somewhat early development period, slower than average, but gives autonomous features that no other of the bigger exchanges can, with the main advantage being you get to keep control, custody and ownership of your private keys.

9. The CEO

Reggie Middleton is the CEO and founder of Veritaseum. He has given advice to many of the investors, traders, hedge funds and global banks. He has been featured on The Boom Bust, Keiser Report, BBC, CNBC and Bloomberg.

10. The lead engineer 

Patryk Dworznik is the Lead engineer.He is a Full stack developer and engineer, created the legacy of  Veritaseum Java client, skilled at, bitcoin script, Solidity, Java, React, javascript, C++, Bitcoin blockchain development and Go. 

11. The lead analyst

Manish Kapoor is the Lead analyst. He is a certified Forensic Accountant and International Analyst, has also served as an Assistant Director & Manager with Deloitte, CRISIL/S&P, Price Waterhouse Coopers.

12. It's Mission

Veritaseum‘s main mission is popularization of the bigger exchange and the financial services which they offer on the platform at zero cost for the ultimate customer. 

13. Transaction fees

 During the use of  Veritaseum wallet customers do not pay enormously high transaction commission, they would possibly need to pay fees for a traditional exchange service. It is quite common to pay a certain percent from the transaction sum, that it sounds astonishing. Still, it is true while using Veritaseum.

14. Meaning of Veritize

Veritize  means that an asset is allocated a customized VERI token. For instance, you can take a rent on a building, ' Veratize' it, and now that rent can trade on their digital asset exchanges. This is the procedure that they are introducing to their exchange partners.

15. The goal

The goal of Veritaseum is to have the VeADIR  financial machine able to be 100% independent, however until they will develop AI that examine entities wishing to be 'veritized', the VeADIR financial machine will have to buy research from Veritaseum, as a result making it dependent  partly on the team to avoid redundant entities from being listed.

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