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15 Insights on Substratum ICO

Aug 18, 2017 Posted /  5891 Views

15 Insights on Substratum ICO

15 Insights on Substratum ICO

ICO's these days are coming up with such incredible ideas, that will enhance the decentralized platform and will also give everyone the power to manage their digital assets. With such technologies on the blockchain platform, users and investors can make huge profits. Not only it will be beneficial in terms of investments, but by funding such technologies, start ups, it will help in the digitization at a global level. One such ICO is Substratum, which has come up with a unique idea that will give everyone the benefits of the Decentralized Web as well as to change the world. 

Let us quickly know about some amazing facts related to the Substratum ICO:

1. Main idea behind Substratum ICO

The SubstratumNode factor of the network enables anyone to become a web host on the decentralized internet. Distinct from many solutions based on blockchain technology, today SubstratumNode is focused deeply on User experience. This will allow anyone to become a web host and, earn Substrate 'SUB' by turning their computer into a web host with just a a small number of simple clicks.

2. The SubstratumNode

This is one of the mechanism that structures the base for a Decentralized web. The more number nodes that are up in any given area, the quicker the content becomes. Advanced AI and Business Intelligence policies describe what content is to be delivered, by what node using a lot of factors as well as the geolocation of the requestor. For every request that your node serves up we will be paid in Substrate 'SUB' via a micro transaction from the host. This is an incredibly easy way to get passive income and make the world an enhanced place through the power of the decentralized web.

3. Substratum host

Entities or Businesses that hope to host websites, databases, and their applications on the Substratum Network will use SUB coin to pay the network members through a series of micro transactions for the requests that those members dish up. This will mean SUB becomes the currency of the decentralized web which nearly every technological source agrees is the future of the internet.

4. The decentralized Web

The Decentralised Web visions a world where services such as currency, communication,social networking, publishing, archiving search, etc are facilitated not by centralised services which are owned by single organisations, but by technologies which are power driven by the people thus by having their own community. The main idea of decentralization of web is that the process of a service is not trusted blindly to any single powerful company.

5. Solutions to the Decentralized web

The solutions to the various problems of a Decentralized web can be given by incorporating lowering the hosting costs, giving privacy, security, encryption, attaining net neutrality etc. Substratum aims to provide these web related solutions.

6. Features of Substratum 

The features of Substratum are that everyone has the power to be a Webhost, their cryptographic algorithms used will ensure the safe and secure transaction over the web, transparency of the network, and it is self governed.

7. Substratum ICO details

The Substratum ICO started on August 14th and will end on September 14th. An amount of 600 000 000 tokens will be issued. Users and investors can also acquire bonuses by using the referral codes. The Block 2 ICO will start on 21st August where One ETH will be equal to 2500 SUB. 

8. Launch of Substrate currency

Empowering the decentralized web, Substratum has launched Substrate (SUB), a new cryptocurrency which is designed to be user friendly. This new cryptocurrency is divided into Atoms increasing only to the second decimal place,which will create a fiat like notation familiar to the general public. This helps in adoption and making Substrate a friendlier option to other cryptocurrencies.

9. Technologies supported

SubstratumNode will support technologies like HTML/CSS, Javascript (jQuery, Bootstrap, etc), PHP / MySQL (Wordpress, Magento, Joomla, etc), ASP.NET, Python ( like Django ), Rails etc.

10. Transparency

With the upcoming laws in various countries related to banning the use of VPN's, Substratum will quickly turn out to be the industry standard for bringing international content to constrained countries despite of their regulations. 

11. CryptoPay

The Version 2 of the ICO, which will be during the early 2018, will bring in 'CryptoPay' .This  will allow all applications and websites that run on the Substratum Network to process cryptocurrency transactions via any publicly traded coin. Substratum Coin named as 'Substrate' will be the connection currency which will bring huge value to the coin.


12. Self governed 

Substratum will make sure that there is free and equivalent access to all content for all people while giving the people the right  to vote off contents that are unsuitable.

13. Net neutrality

Because of the Net neutrality with the Substratum Network, websites and applications will have an equal ability to broadcast in an equal and fair manner.

14. ICO budget allotment 

30% of total budget will be allocated for the Product awareness, 60% will be allocated for the Product development, 10% of total budget will be allocated for the Network infrastructure. 

15. Goals of the ICO

Substratum aims to solve a global difficulty that all experts agree that it is the next step in the evolution of the internet. In version 2, of their roadmap they will integrate all cryptocurrencies that are openly traded into a payment gateway that brings all cryptocurrencies to the web and uses Substratum coin as an exchange currency which will bring tremendous value. With the purpose to achieve these goals they need to raise working funds for additional development to take them through version 2, and promotional funds to increase awareness about their product.

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