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15 Insights on Lampix ICO

Aug 18, 2017 Posted /  2678 Views

15 Insights on Lampix ICO

15 Insights on Lampix ICO

To enable a very large set of applications, quality computer vision is needed, amongst which many are in the Augmented Reality space. One such application is Lampix, a hardware and software solution that transforms any surface into a smart, augmented reality surface freeing human computer interaction from digital screens. 

Here are few insights over Lampix:

1. What is Lampix?

 Lampix is the hardware and software solution that can turns any surface into a smart, and interactive surface, augmented reality. On the right you can see our beta product, which contains a projector, camera and cloud-connected computer. The Lampix platform is thus created with a very easy and simple graphic interface that takes care of the entire process from object recognition, training to content creation.

2. CEO and Co-founder of Lampix 

George Popescu is the CEO. George has his roots in science and engineering. He has a proven track record of entrepreneurship. Over the last 10 years, he has founded multiple companies in online lending, craft beer brewery, exotic sports car rental space, hedge funds, peer-reviewed scientific journal etc. Mihai Dumitrescu is the Co-Founder. Mihai is a software engineer by training. His specialties include highperformance scalable software architecture & algorithms, computer vision, machine learning, deep neural networks, P2P systems and algorithms, and enterprise content management.

3. Need of Lampix

Computer vision and machine learning are completely dependent on the availability of data,which is curated and described. They are therefore building the largest database of computer vision and machine learning data composed of images with descriptions and segmentation maps. The main features of Lampix are that it is Decentralized, Autonomous and fully automated, potential. 

4. Lampix device 

Lampix is device which offers a unique product and solution. However, there are some products already in the market, which make use of augmented reality and they may look similar to Lampix in some respects.

5.  Lampix ICO sale

Lampix will crowdsale a token called 'PIX'. They did a crowdsale token launch (CTL) for PIX tokens on August 9th 2017 and will end on 18th August 2017. This is probably the first 'image mining, augmented reality' crowdsale token launch. 

6. Total amount of PIX

They are creating 1,100,000,000 PIX tokens in total. Out  of which 50% of the Issued  tokens will be issued for the ICO, 30% Reserves will be used for data purchase,  20% Company and Team will be used for research and development.

7. Lampix Funds

The funds collected through the CTL will be used to cover the expenses of the project until the project starts making profits and sufficient cash flows to function on its own. Lampix is expected to make profits by 2021. The main expenses to be met with the funds collected are the cost of the  Staff salaries, hardware manufacturing costs, sales and marketing expenses, app development costs, Lampix database.  

8. PIX token usage

PIX  tokens can be used Spend PIX or purchases like Data from the database a Lampix device to buy Lampix Apps, Cloud computing service (Lampix GAS) and  can earn PIX or make payments to Image miners, voters, Lampix app developers.

9. Lampix as a platform

Lampix will be the first device to make use of the PIX ecosystem to create and improve AR applications for various uses, some of which have already been implemented by Lampix. It uses much simpler hardware than existing technologies while still enabling the same applications. Lampix uses an Android based software platform. It comes with APIs and you can take any HTML content and make it responsive to objects and finger movement or gestures. It decreases the upfront effort to develop an AR applications by giving a framework covering every aspect of computer vision and AI to interface design.  

10. Field of Applications of Lampix

Lampix can be used in the areas like Meeting and collaboration, Gaming industry, Office, Retail industry, Restaurant industry, at homes etc.

11. Image Mining and PIX Smart Contracts

The Lampix ecosystem makes the best usage of images of objects on a flat surface indoors. The team will, thus, populate a starting tree with PIX bounties. Each tree branch, sub branch and so on will have a particular bounty attached to it which will be the value the miners can earn by mining that entire branch. All smart contracts, where applicable, will follow the ERC20 standards. If new standards are approved by the Ethereum community in the future, such standards will be used. All smart contracts will also be audited by third parties as much as reasonable.

12. PIX ecosystem 

The eco system designed by the PIX token and Lampix device will create a way to a new market where the value of PIX will be determined by the market forces of supply and demand  of datasets on the Ethereum blockchain. Therefore, when the demand for data sets will increase, the value of PIX will also grow similar to any other open market mechanism. This ecosystem will function without any central authority or control. It takes care of all the stages of a dataset during its lifetime from the creation to the consumption by users.

13. The PIX token

The PIX tokens gives a value in the computer vision datasets. This value will be specified in the core of many final products like Lampix, but also any other AR device or system. They are building a crowd mined database of at least one billion images on the blockchain. This will probably be the first 'image mining' augmented reality project built on top of Ethereum blockchain.

14. Objectives of Lampix

To raise at least $60 million through a token crowd sale, for the development of the PIX ecosystem and use Lampix as the reference platform for PIX. To build a billion image and description database by the end of 2018.

15. Mission and vision

Their vision is to see Lampix in every home, office, store, and factory and with the mission to free humans from digital screens.

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