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15 insights on Kinguin ICO

Sep 06, 2017 Posted /  19920 Views

15 insights on Kinguin ICO

15 insights on Kinguin ICO

1. About Kinguin platform

Kinguin to offer decentralized game-trading platform built on blockchain technology, providing a wide range of products and services related to games.

2. Kinguin vision

Kinguin aims  to build a platform that will create greater transparency and increase security from fraudulent transactions. Gamers will still collect & trade game keys, items, and other collectibles on a platform designed to be a one-stop shop for their digital buying & trading needs.

3. Ethereum platform for Kinguin

The Ethereum network will be used to build a decentralized app for backing and storing the information in its blockchain network. Any changes made in this network are secured on a shared ledger by strong cryptography and need to be agreed by the majority. This prevents fraud or data mutability, ensures transparency in trading and gives the project a competitive advantage in the marketplace.  This will benefit the millions of existing Kinguin users and expand the Kinguin customer base.

4. Plans for the ICO

Kinguin also plans to announce its Initial Coin Offering (ICO) as part of their wider expansion plans in beginning of 2018. ICO funds will support the development of a comprehensive ecosystem for its new trading platform. Date of launch of the new game trading platform will be announced later.


5. Further enhancements

Kinguin is going to start onboarding its existing network of Indie game developers immediately, saving all partners and publishers any additional legal work.

6. Adapting Kinguin eco-system

The new Blockchain implementation coupled with the Kinguin eco-system will enable  users to accept Steam, Origin, and Indie developer games. As a result, Kinguin's global reach and business expansions are expected to strengthen adoption rate for Kinguin tokens

7. Future for Kinguin

The Kinguin World will become the ultimate platform for endemic and non-endemic businesses to reach to the current generation. Whether its through classic product placement or more engaging actions such is tournaments content integration. And more content will come on top. Kinguin is an entertainment platform and they always keep cool.

8. Doing charities

Unique events such as the Kinguin Guinness World Record or Kinguin For Charity Tournaments in partnership with trusted organizations like the Child’s Play Foundation has brought necessary funds to support kids in their struggle with illness.

9. API & Blockchain

Kinguin technology is currently under heavy redevelopment process. The goal is to have OpenAPI ready solutions for any service that operates on any third party website: Kinguin ID (login with Kinguin), Kinguin Wallet (checkout with Kinguin funds), Kinguin Buyer Protection (insure any transactions) and Blockchain ICO (completely new decentralized gaming platform supported by its own cryptocurrency).

10. Customer friendly

At Kinguin they put at the heart efforts for existing customers. The Great Gaming Experience for existing customers in Kinguin is defined starting with great website & mobile user experience, 1 on 1 customer service in 16 major languages through deep customer data driven decisions supported with advanced CRM solution.


Kinguin is unique among E-commerce ventures being a love brand for millennials and Generation Z. This is achieved through relentless and continuous work on the Kinguin Universe IP. They have started with simple Kinguin themed comics and they are working on video games, animated content and content licensing deals.

12. Huge variety of products

They have a wide range of genres which includes action, adventures, VR games, racing, visual novels, XBOX etc.

13. Platform compatibilities

Kinguin provides huge compatibilities on various like Android, EA origin,, free to play, Nintendo, NCSoft, playstation 3, playstation 4, Uplay etc.


Kinguin mafia lets you earn money on the internet easily. 

a. You will be supplied with a unique link - a reflink.

b. You can post it on your favorite forum, social media, share it with a famous streamer, youtuber, blogger or share it on ingame chat, while playing with your friends.

c. When you share your reflink and someone: your friend, forum user, other player or one of the influencer fans, clicks on it, he will be redirected to

d. When someone – redirected to by your reflink – makes a purchase, you get a commission. 

e. Your links are tracked and eternal – it doesn’t matter when someone makes that purchase. Cookies will know

f. Each time a new person registers from your reflink in their Affiliate Program you get a cut of every transaction that is done from his reflinks.

15. E-sport

Kinguin is really passionate about games, that’s why they are also actively operating on the e-sports market, working with the most successful players and biggest teams.

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