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15 insights on Justmake ICO

Aug 12, 2017 Posted /  2761 Views

15 insights on Justmake ICO

15 insights on Justmake ICO

The world is not new to the cryptocurrencies and they are emerging as the growth factor in respect to the global economy. The prices of cryptocurrencies are soaring high day by day and with so much happening in the  cryptocurrency world and ICO's. From the rise of popular blockchain technologies such as Bitcoin and Etherum, to the recent launch of various blockchain and cryptocurrency technologies, ranging from smart contracts to identity verification. The growth, outlook, and the potential use cases of cryptocurrencies and distributive blockchain technology are very promising and exciting.It is currently moving toward massive tectonic shifts in major industries and we are headed into uncharted territory regarding the use cases and outcome of these technologies. There is an addition to the ICO in the world economy and that is of Justmake Ecosystem.

Let us have few Insights over the newly launched ecosystem:

1. What is Justmake Ecosystem?

JustMake will serve as the foundation for the Justmake Ecosystem and will allow holders of JM to interact with the various platforms it will be building for the ecosystem. The Justmake Ecosystem will be a collection of platforms, products, and services, which the primary purpose of the Justmake Foundation will

be to increase the user base of the Justmake ERC20 Token and the user experience of participants in the Justmake Ecosystem. As well as, increase the use and viability of JM. Users will be able to contribute in a number of different ways in the ecosystem so they can earn JM.

2. Making it mainstream

The Justmake Foundation will also be working on various use cases to increase the ease of use to make it easy and stream-lined for mainstream users

to adapt and use the Justmake ERC20 Token. This will also include implementing various security measures to ensure that they are building a state-of-the-art technology foundation and platform.

3. Increasing in viability

The Justmake Foundation will not only be developing product and services to increase the viability of the Justmake ERC20 Token, but they will also be working with their partners and companies to increase the use case of the JM. They are currently brainstorming various possibilities and future projects. They will be reaching out to the community to get your ideas and input about current and future projects.

4. Will Oversee market development

The Justmake Foundation will oversee the development of the Justmake Ecosystem. They will be handling then development of various projects including the Justmake App Store, Justmake Marketplace, and Justmake Social. They will be releasing current and future product and services spec sheets at to explain in detail each product and service that they are going to develop

5. Justmake Accounts

Justmake Accounts will be the users central point of management for the Justmake Ecosystem. From here users will be able to manage their Account Details, Wallets, Purchases, Apps, Businesses, Points, Support, and more.

6. Justmake Businesses

The Justmake Business platform will be the management point for businesses that are created from the Justmake Account. Businesses will be able to access products, services, and apps from the Justmake Ecosystem. 

7. Justmake App Store

The app store will include various Justmake apps including CMS, Accounting Tools, Website Tools, Industry Specific Apps, Developer Submitted Apps, and other apps as the ecosystem continues to grow.

8. Justmake Marketplace

Justmake Marketplace will be a distributed marketplace that will allow users to purchase items from user and business created stores. All items will be purchased using JM and storeowners will receive JM for store purchases.

9. Justmake Social

Justmake Social is a distributed social platform that will allow users to share information and engage with other users on the platform.

10. Justmake Products & Services

As the ecosystem grows, it will continue to launch additional products and services that benefit the users and business of the ecosystem.

11. 2017 Eclipse day sale

After hearing about the Great American Eclipse, JustMake found out South Carolina will actually be the last place in the world it will pass through. The founder of JustMake lives, work, and was born in the Upstate of South Carolina, so they are actually going to time the start of the Token Sale with the start of the eclipse. They will call it the “Eclipse Day Token Sale". 

12. Token sale details

Token Sale Nickname will be Eclipse Day Token Sale, Token Name will be Justmake (JM), Start Day will be Monday, August 21,2017, Start Time will be 11:46 AM. The Token Sale will last for 28 days and will end on September 18, 2017 at 11:46 AM.

13. Conversion rates for JM

The conversion rate for the Token Sale will be- 1 ETH = 700 JM and 1 BTC = 7,000 JM.

14. Future Insights

The Justmake Tokens will be distributed to the contributors once the Token Sale has closed. Upon close of the Token Sale, the Justmake Foundation will

be issued 69,300,000 JM (10%) of allocated tokens. After the initial Justmake Tokens have been distributed, the Justmake Foundation & Ecosystem Tokens will be systematically released on October 30, 2017 and will be released weekly until April 8, 2024, for a total of 336 weeks. There will be a total of 3,918,750 JM issued weekly. 1,856,250 JM will be issued to the Justmake Foundation and another 2,062,500 JM will be issed to incentivize the Justmake Ecosystem.

15. The Target 

These are estimated numbers assuming the Token Sale reaches its target goal of 693 Million JM Tokens. If the Token Sale does not reach the target goal the Justmake Foundation Tokens, Ecosystem Tokens, and Fees & Bounties Tokens will be calculated based on the number of Total JM Tokens generated during the Token Sale. The number of JM Tokens generated will be calculated off of the BTC/ETH conversion rates.

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