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15 insights on John McAfee and Bitcoin

Sep 07, 2017 Posted /  23211 Views

15 insights on John McAfee and Bitcoin

15 insights on John McAfee and Bitcoin

1. Mining for cryptocurrencies

McAfee had announced that he will conduct bitcoin mining operations on a large scale for cryptocurrencies.

2. Raising high funds for Mining operation

John McAfee's cyber firm to increase bitcoin mining operation with new investment $2.4M, where 

MGT had allegedly mined around 1,000 bitcoins since September 2016.

3. Prediction of bitcoin prices

 John McAfee predicted in July it is just the start of a massive Bitcoin price run. He said the price of Bitcoin will hit around $500,000 by 2020.

4. “It is not a bubble”

Cybersecurity expert John McAfee explained why Bitcoin is not a bubble. In an interview with RT, McAfee defended Bitcoin from people saying it is a Bubble stating that it is not and it will continue to grow. He's 

known for his bold predictions that Bitcoin will reach $500,000 within 3 years and he’s quite confident that Bitcoin cannot be considered as just a bubble.

5. MGT capital

The Bitcoin mining and cybersecurity firm MGT Capital owned by John McAfee has secured a total of $2.4 mln in their new funding. The funds will be utilized for  expansion in the company’s Bitcoin mining operations in the Northwestern U.S.

6. Staking his name

When John McAfee once announced that that he is willing to stake his name and up to $10 million on a bet that Bitcoin price will move above $500,000 in upcoming three years.

7. His opinion in making bitcoin hack proof

John McAfee thinks that making bitcoin hack proof has no point since its a decentralized platform.

8. McAfee comments on DNC hack

Cyber Security expert and founder of the anti-virus software McAfee and MGT Capital Investments CEO John McAfee strongly believes that Russia was not involved in the Democratic National Committee, hereinafter DNC, hack. 

9. Upgrading email system

John McAfee’s SwiftMail because the blockchain is private and McAfee has confidence in all of SwiftMail’s platforms and also the SwiftCoin Blockchain by offering a $10,000 SwiftCoin award to any hacker who violations SwiftMail.

10. Blockchain: money 

The financial conference Blockchain:money had announced that John McAfee will join them as a keynote speaker, along with many other innovative speakers.

He recently took part in the conference.

11. Change in global cravings

John McAfee has a belief that the operational perspective of Federal Reserve as the central banking system of the United States would be interrupted by the emergence of cryptocurrencies, which he predicts can be on a huge scale, which will be enough to affect the income revenue collection.

12.  Shifting to product design

Some time ago he had announced that he will shift his focus from where he truly belongs i.e. on product designing.

13. Planning to mine Ethereum

After mining bitcoins, McAfee will also be getting into Ethereum. 

14.More focus on cryptocurrencies

He has asserted that mining bitcoin will turn profitable and his company will shift more focus on mining which will become the centre of activities of their firm.

15. His confidence on cryptocurrencies

He says that “no matter how much government and regulators may scream and complain, there will be a world standard alternative currency. Bitcoin appears to be the one… It cannot possibly be a bubble”.

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