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15 Insights on Hydrominer ICO

Sep 14, 2017 Posted /  4019 Views

15 Insights on Hydrominer ICO

15 Insights on Hydrominer

Hydro power is generally thought to be one of the most effective and lowest-cost renewable energy resources. It is environmentally friendly, carbon-neutral and natural. Hydro power allows to manage resources sustainably and enables low-emission production. What’s more, the technology is simple, controllable and has an excellent track record.

1. About HydroMiner

HydroMiner is a crypto currency mining company using green energy drawn from hydro power stations in the Alpine region of Europe. HydroMiner mines all scalable crypto currencies. The decision as to what currency to mine is made by software algorithms, which choose the best option available at any moment. HydroMiner is also flexible about the mining pools it uses, depending on payouts and liquidity among other factors. 

2. What is a Miner?

A crypto currency miner provides computing capacity to solve mathematical problems. As a reward, the miner gets the crypto currency of the blockchain it is helping secure. The miner consists of a piece of equipment operating 24/7 under extremely high load, so failures and breakdowns are quite common. Miners have to be shipped to service centers for repairs, which takes time, especially if a service center is located abroad. And, every day of downtime means a loss of mining profit. 

3. HydroMiner’s Pricing

HydroMiner’s pricing structure is based on available power that can be used for mining. HydroMiner will ensure that the energy is used most efficiently for the largest mining gains. With the investment, the ICO participant pays for the hardware and setup for a specific number of watts and then receives profit payouts corresponding to the number of watts purchased. 

4. Future Projects

Using the proceeds of the ICO, the HydroMiner team will equip more hydro power stations in the Alps. HydroMiner has several options for power stations. In Styria for example, there is an option to place units in containers at a facility with an output of up to 12,000 kW. Other smaller facilities are also available in southern Germany, with a range from 500 kW to 4,500 kW. 

5. Equipment Exchange

In order to keep the facilities always at the highest level of profitability they update the hardware on a regular basis; however, they cannot reveal the pace as this is a crucial ingredient of the HydroMiner’s business secret. The used equipment is sold also on their website

6. Transparency

They organize tours of the facilities on a regular basis, usually biweekly, and you are invited to request a tour on their website. On their website you can also check in real time the actual proceeds from a watt of power.

7. H2O Token Launch

The ICO will be conducted on the Ethereum Network. They have developed their own proprietary smart contract, which has been audited by two independent consultants. H2O is an Ethereum token. It complies with and extends ERC20, a de-facto standard and widely-used token platform. 

8. Token Sale Details

a. The best available price for eco-friendly energy.

b. An ideal hosting environment, inside or next to a power station and a cooling river, and usually in a cool environment in the Alps.

c. A business model that enables to continuously keep the hardware updated to the latest version.

Now, through the ICO of HydroMiner, anyone can participate in this model. Each H2O Token represents the right to the net profits generated with one watt of energy within their facilities. 

9. ICO Timeline

H2O Tokens will be available for purchase on pre-sale which started on September 25, 2017 and also during the ICO starting October 9th, 2017. Total tokens will be100,000,000. Nominal token rate will be where 1 H2O will be equal to 0.01 ETH. 

10. ICO discount details

a. During ICO level 1 the discount level (for first week) will be 20%

b. During ICO level 2 the discount level (for second week) will be15%

c. During  ICO level 3 the discount level (for third week) will be 10%

d. During  ICO level 4 the discount level (for fourth week) will be 5%

e. During  ICO the token cap will be 25,000,000 H2O.

11. Use of Funds

The proceeds from the ICO will be allocated to hardware, expansion costs at the power stations, and mounting the equipment. ICO proceeds with also be used for marketing, legal, and advisory fees. The management of HydroMiner will receive an equivalent of 5% of the total sold tokens with a vesting period of 12 months. Hydrominer will use 1% of the raised funds to buy BNT and and create a Bancor “token changer” between BNT and H20, thus creating intrinsic liquidity for the H20 token. 

a. Hydro power station leasing/electrictiy: 15%

b. Hardware will be alloted 55%

c. Operations will be alloted 15%

d. ICO Costs will be alloted 10%

e. Marketing will be alloted  4%

f. Legal will be alloted 1%

g. BNT Reserve Fund will be alloted 1%

12. Distribution of Mining Proceeds

80% of mining net profits are paid monthly on the first day of each month to all token holders. 10% of the mining net profits are distributed to the team. 10% of mining net proceeds are used to buy back tokens at the ICO price on a monthly, ongoing basis. The first proceeds distribution will happen on February 1st, 2018.

13. The Future of Mining

 Mining will become a specialized trade that occurs in countries that actively develop renewable energy and lower the costs of electricity. As a result, mining will

resemble an oligopolistic market where a few mining pools dominate the sector; although, these pools will limit membership. 

14. HydroMiner brings project after project to completion, this is its approach, from a technological and from a business perspective. Here is an example of a typical project:

a. HydroMiner identifies a suitable hydro power station, in this example with a usable capacity of 100 kW·h (100,000 watts).

b. HydroMiner orders all necessary equipment, miners, a container, cooling systems, security, etc., at a cost of, for example, 200,000 USD.

c. Within a timespan of about 40 days, all hardware is available and the container can be equipped and deployed.

d. Typically, a facility of this size will produce a monthly income of about 50,000 USD.

e. The cost for the energy and service etc. in this example is 10,000 USD.

f. They also accumulate funds to renew the hardware as soon as it does not perform anymore. The fund in this example would be 15,000 USD.

g. The new profit from this facility would therefore be 25,000 USD. 

15. Features of HydroMiner

a. Eco-Friendly

Hydro power is among the most environmentally friendly and efficient ways to generate electricity.

b. Cost Effective

By placing their mining equipment directly in hydro power stations in the Alps region, they have access to up to 85% lower energy prices than European average.

c. Profitable

They continually optimize their mining equipment and strategy to be among the industry’s most profitable.

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