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15 Insights on GameCoin ICO

Aug 19, 2017 Posted /  10757 Views

15 Insights on GameCoin ICO

15 Insights on GameCoin ICO

ICO or primary sale of coins initially appeared in a narrow circle of people called the crypto community. But now cryptocurrency has began to get noticed by a larger audience, including investors, entrepreneurs and even ordinary people. According to some media reports in 2017 startups around the world have collected more than a billion dollars financing through ICO. One such innovative ICO is the Gamecoin, which will serve a platform for the gaming community and the digital currencies.

Let us have few insights over the GameCoin ICO:

1. GameCoin 

The GameCoin project makes an integration of the gaming industry with crypto-community possible enabling gamers to use a single currency to pay for any games and convert GameCoin coins into cryptocurrency or fiat money. Thus, the technology becomes a topical innovative tool for both gaming platforms and its users, and also offers excellent investment opportunities for all who believe in the future of the gaming industry and the cryptocurrency.    

2. How does it work?

GameCoin will let you have an option to get any games on any kind of platforms. Also you will be able to buy in-game upgrades, artifacts and unique items on gaming websites using GAME and pay for in-app purchases. The GAME Wallet is consistent where you can utilize it in any game, on any platform like in  smart phones, computer or game console.

3. GameCoin ICO

The ICO is live now and will end on 11th of September 2017. They have decided to release 625,000,000 GAME tokens. Out of which, 600,000,000 GAME will be released on the stage of ICO and 25,000,000 GAME will be set aside for the gaming platforms to give the working capital at the start. The price for game will be 1 GAME will be equal to 0.0001 ETH and 1 GAME will be equal to 0.00001 BTC. 

4. Distribution of the funds

4% will be for key partners which are the game makers, 10% will be for founders, 10% will be for developers, 2% will be for  Bounty Campaign,  74% will be for investors.

5. Serving the solutions

GameCoin found a way that will allow to monetize free users and will let gamers earn on their hobby. For this they have created the blockchain adapted for the gaming industry. This will allow each gaming manufacturer to enter into circulation his own cryptocurrency as in-game money, and this will give the currency a value due to the possibility of obtaining certain benefits and the complexity of extraction. Now every free user, by playing, will receive a real cryptocurrency, that is almost free for the manufacturer, but when the currency have passed through the hands of gamers and returned back it acquires real value and the possibility of exchanging for fiat money like dollars of Euro.

6. GMC wallet

The GMC Wallet will be used to support of the GMC and its forks and as a scanner of the GMC blockchain

7. Safety of the wallet 

Safety of the wallet will have features like the 2FA, ColdWallet, E-mail confirmation, SMS confirmation (it will not be free).

8. Monetization of games

Monetization of gamers playing or free through creation of the in game currency (GMC fork), making it valuable by accepting as a payment means for subscription,license,skin.It will be monetized for extradition, in exchange for the purchase of a game, for fiat money, by giving reward for performance in the game, possibility of withdrawing, converting money to fiat,crypto.

9. Earn money by playing games

When crediting funds for the game to professional gamers, they are linked to the platform. This allows to monetize this audience through the display of advertising content or the sale of expensive unique items. If they give gamers the opportunity to create unique characters/donates and sell them through the manufacturer marketplace for fork,crypto,fiat money, they will also be able to attract certain cash flows.

10. Crediting the tokens

The GMC tokens will be credited to ETH wallets in 5 days after the end of ICO. After the launch of the separate blockchain of GAMECOIN, in investors private accounts will be created blockchain wallets and GMCB coins will be credited in accordance with the original calculation, when conducting the ICO.

11. ICO Details

In this ICO sale will be of 462,500,000 GMC tokens, following blocks of 100,000,000 of GMC tokens each, by starting with the first additional generation of tokens, each subsequent generation increases the price of the token by 3%. And all unsold tokens will be destroyed on a public wallet.

12. Special treat for large investors

For large investors bonus program for base rate of 30-50 ETH will be 10%, for base rate of 51-100 ETH will be 15%, for base rate of 101-300 ETH will be 20%, for base rate of 301-1000 ETH will be 25% and from 1000 ETH will be 30%

13.  Special treat for early investors

 For early investors bonus program for the first hour of crowdsale will be 15%, for the second hour of crowdsale will be 10% and from the third to 48 hour of crowdsale it will be 5%

14.  Special treat for fiat investors

For fiat investors, bonus program will be for all the ICO period which will be around 10%.

15. Roadmap for upcoming six months for GameCoin

September 2017 will be for ICO, from October 2017 to January 2018 will be dedicated to game blockchain development and GMC wallet development, from  February 2018 to march 2018 it will go for pilot testing for the blockchain and the wallet on one of their partners.

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