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15 Insights on FinShi Capital ICO

Sep 12, 2017 Posted /  5715 Views

15 Insights on FinShi Capital ICO

15 Insights on FinShi Capital ICO

1. Description of FinShi Capital

FinShi Capital was founded in 2017 by professional investors of the global venture market from Capinvest 21 venture fund and a group of Asian venture investors Asian LP. FinShi Capital is the first venture fund formed entirely of cryptocurrency and managed by experts in classic venture market.

2. Advantages of FinShi Capital:

a. Its team has been working on the investments market since 2007

b. Simple and time-proved revenue model - venture investments in IT startups

c. Expected annual income is very high, around 520%

d. High liquidity of the fund’s token: It can be sold on exchanges or it can bring its owner dividends through buyback

e. Complied with MAS and SEC’s requirements

3. ICO details

a. ICO dates are from September 6, 2017 to October 6, 2017

b. ICO goal: The minimum CAP is $30 000 000 whereas the maximum CAP is $50 000 000

c. Token: Security (made to make profits from investments), ERC20 Ethereum token

4. The Fund's investment strategy

Around 60% of the raised funds will be spent on short-term investments in carefully selected projects that are planning to launch their own ICOs. Up to 30% will go to long-term investments and no more than 10% will be left for classic venture investments. Such portfolio allocation assures balance between the risks of short-term and long-term investments. The strategy might be changed by the management whenever there is a need to do so.

5.  Why FinShi Capital

FinShi Capital is the first blockchain venture fund formed entirely of cryptocurrency. Unlike most of the new crowdfunding and investment platforms, their team has been working in this sphere since 2007. They offer you everything that they know and they are already making good money on the venture market. They know the best ways to determine which project has a chance to succeed. Usually only 1 or 2 startups out of 100 show considerable growth. They analyze startups every day and always see the promising ones, that’s why their funds show good figures. They know what is most important - portfolio projects’ management. The pace of portfolio company’s capitalization growth depends on how well the project is managed. The fund provides all of its portfolio projects with advisory and proper management.

6. FinShi Capital Tokens features

a. You will be able to sell tokens on exchanges at any time.

b. The token’s value will be gradually growing after each share purchase or sale.

c. Approximately every month you will be getting dividends – 80% of the fund’s profits (the fund will be buying out your tokens after each exit, it will be happening almost every month starting from the fourth quarter of 2017).

7. Token's Description

FinShi Capital’s ICO will be conducted in compliance with SEC and MAS’ regulations. Anyone, except for Singapore citizens, will be able to purchase the fund’s tokens legally. However, all of the investors will have to go through KYC/ALM procedure. The fund’s tokens are standard ERC20 tokens, created to make profits (securities).

8. Fund distribution

The funds raised on the ICO will be distributed as follows:

a. 75% of tokens will be invested in startups.

b. 10% will be spent on Marketing.

c. 10% on Management and Administrative expenses for the next 3 years.

d. 5% will go to Advisers and Bounty Campaign.

9. ICO token discounts

There will be bonuses during the first 7 days of the crowdsale. To receive the bonuses investors will have to contact the team via e-mail and get an approval prior to the ICO. The first 2 days of the ICO are the most advantageous, as there will be a 5% bonus. Then the bonus will be reducing day by day. From day 3 to day 7 there will be 3%.

10. Bounty Campaign

FinShi Capital allocates 2% of the raised during the ICO tokens for its Bounty Campaign

The tokens will be distributed as follows: 

01. Facebook 20%

02. Twitter 20% 

03. Telegram 5% 

04. 30% 

05. Youtube 5% 

06. Instagram 5% 

07. Blogs (Slack, Medium, Golos etc) 10% 

08. VKontakte 2% 

09. Translations 2% 

10. Bonus 1%

11. Token price

The amount of issued tokens will depend on the sum raised in dollars according to the rate 1 USD - 1 token. Minimum sum of the issued tokens will be 30,000 000. Maximum sum of the issued tokens will be 50 000 000.

12. Terms and definitions of the ICO

a. FinShi Capital will issue FINS tokens, which will be distributed only during the ICO. There won’t be additional distribution.

b. ICO starts September 6, 2017, and will last until the maximum goal of $50 000 000 is reached, or until the end of the ICO period (1 month).

c. After the ICO, all of the fund's tokens will be available for sale on most of the popular cryptocurrency exchanges.

d. The fund will buy out the tokens within one month after the exit from a startup. After that the tokens will be destroyed.

13. FinShi Capital’s goals

In the next 2 years their team will select, fund and assure rapid growth of 15 to 30 startups. All of these startups will afterwards be sold to the next round investors or strategic buyers. Eventually the fund will be fully realized, investors will get their money back, 7 to 14 times more than the initial sum they invested, and the world will get new worthy IT companies. In their classic venture fund they ensure 120% per annum income (summarizing the portfolio projects growth during the previous periods), so taking into account dynamics of Blockchain and Fintech market development, they expect to have 520% per annum income.

14. Agenda for accomplishing goals

They have been earning money on classic venture investments for several years now. Investments in Blockchain companies are a bit different, but the main issues are still the same. FinShi Capital know these issues, and they know how to address them.

1. Projects selection. Once ICO is over, FinShi Capital will carefully select startups for funding.

2. Projects growth. FinShi Capital will invest in the most promising projects and then help them to speed their development and improve their products.

3. Shares selling. When a startup reaches considerable growth, FinShi Capital will sell their share and get high profits.

This cycle repeats several times until all the raised funds are distributed.

15. FinShi Capital's mission

Their mission is to maximize their partners’ profits by helping new Fintech and Blockchain companies to grow into unicorns

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