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15 Insights on easyMine ICO

Jul 25, 2017 Posted /  7810 Views

15 Insights on easyMine ICO

15 Insights on easyMine ICO:

Cryptocurrency is one of the most profit making industries in the world right now. There are lots of protocols employed to ensure the blockchain safety. Out of this, Proof-of-Work is the most popular algorithm which is employed in any coins like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and the list goes on. But mining has many difficulties. First, suitable hardware has to be acquired and assembled, individual components carefully selected with an eye towards performance, power consumption, and price. The equipment then needs to be properly configured. The software has to be selected appropriately for different coins. More than that, mine farm should be profitable. easyMINE is a project aimed at simplifying the mining of cryptocurrencies.

Applancer introduces the 15 Insights on the easyMINE platform and ICO:

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1. About easyMINE:

easyMINE can be described by one phrase: "plug & mine". It is a platform aimed at simplifying the process of setting up, expanding, and managing a cryptocurrency mine. It will provide a complete software solution for easy setup and maintenance of mining equipment. It helps the beginners in the field of crypto-mining and experienced miners alike. With easyMINE, anyone will be able to involve with cryptocurrency mining.

2. Platform overview:

The easyMINE platform consists of different modules. They are easyMINE OS (eMOS), easyMINE Server, easyMINE Dashboard and easyMINE Mobile. These four modules help in the efficient functioning of the platform.

3. easyMINE OS (eMOS):

It is a custom Linux distribution optimized specifically towards cryptocurrency mining. easyMINE OS includes all necessary system components, GPU drivers, pre-installed mining software for a variety of currencies, and an easyMINE script package for hardware management and communication with the easyMINE server. It is developed under an open source license.

4. easyMINE Server:

easyMINE Server is the main module of the platform. It Controls all the operations of mining machines using Artificial Intelligence based optimization algorithms to adjust hardware settings like core voltage, BIOS version, clock frequency. etc and mining parameters such as currency, pool, etc. It collects performance data and makes it available to users.

5. easyMINE Dashboard:

It is the administrative module of the platform. An online configuration and management interface, accessible via web browser. Enables remote monitoring of and control over mining machines connected to the easyMINE server.

6. easyMINE Mobile:

easyMINE Mobile is also an administrative module. It is a dedicated mobile application for iOS and Android devices. This allows for remote management of mining machines connected to the easyMINE server.

7. easyMINE is complete:

The easyMINE distribution package is complete and it will include all the software needed to run a profitable mine: the eMOS operating system, hardware drivers, mining programs, and the eM dashboard. No additional purchases, downloads, or installations will be necessary.

8. Easy to use:

For people new to the world of cryptocurrencies, the very concepts of “blockchain", “proof", or “hash” can be hard to grasp. easyMINE aims to be accessible even to complete beginners and will require no more than intermediate computer skills for successful basic operation.

9. It is near-autonomous:

With easyMINE, every step of the mining process can be fully or partially automated. At its most autonomous, the system will rely on an array of self-configuration, self-optimization, and self-management algorithms to operate with no—or minimal—user supervision.

10. Scalable and extensible:

easyMINE is designed to provide a consistent level of usability and convenience regardless of the number of mining machines under its control, It is suitable for small, growing, and moderately large mines. In addition, it can be easily extended to support new currencies, mining algorithms, wallets, etc.

11. Self-learning:

Advanced machine learning and data mining techniques allow easyMINE to dynamically fine-tune its operating parameters for maximum efficiency. Optimal values will be determined through analysis of performance data collected in a centrally maintained knowledge base. “Lessons” derived from any given mining machine will be applied to improve the functioning of other similarly configured units.

12. Comprehensive:

From a single remote dashboard, easyMINE will provide access to and precise control over every aspect of a mining operation: from initial set-up to inventory management, to performance monitoring and optimization, to troubleshooting and maintenance.

13. easyMINE Tokens (EMT):

The easyMINE tokens (EMT) are the crypto coins of the platform based on the Ethereum Classic (ETC) blockchain. EMT tokens will be used as the sole form of payment for easyMINE services. easyMINE users will make prepayments to their individual EMT accounts. The total supply is limited to 33,000,000 easyMINE tokens.

14. easyMINE ICO:

The ICO  of the easyMINE tokens is scheduled from 10th August to 31st August. 27,000,000 EMT tokens will be offered to the public through an ICO. The token sale will end when one of the following conditions is met:
(a) 500,000 ETC is collected, or
(b) 27,000,000 EMT tokens are sold, or
(c) 198,000 blocks are added to the ETC blockchain (i.e. approx. 34 days have elapsed).
All unsold tokens will be burned.

15. ICO follows descending price auction rules:

The easyMINE ICO follows a descending price auction rule. the token price will decrease continuously throughout the entire sale period. The price will be lowered by 0.000001 ETC every block, from 1 EMT=0.2 ETC to 1 EMT=0.002 ETC. The EMT purchase price will be determined at the close of the sale and will be the same for anyone who sends ETC to the specified contract.

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