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15 Insights on DIMCOIN ICO

Jun 30, 2017 Posted /  11506 Views

15 Insights on DIMCOIN ICO


Blockchain technology has reached the highest levels of growth in the last few years. Blockchain offers all opportunities for the cryptocurrencies to flourish. Now many cryptocurrencies are being launched with different features for different fields every day. Blockchain has also allowed traditional sectors like financial services to exploit the technology. The problem with such technologies are they provide not the entire package, but only individualized packages for the customers. The Data Interchange module cryptocurrency is a financial ecosystem which has the potential to compensate all these problems with the traditional services. The DIM has two versions: the DIMCOIN and DIM Currencies. It is not just a cryptocurrency but provides a complete ecosystem which consists of DIM, Depot-wallet, WISEConsulting, and Hybrid Stock Exchange (HYBSE). It offers many services like blockchain wallets, cryptocurrency-fiat currency exchanges, digital equity trading and management, etc. The DIM Ecosystem with its simple registration procedure and very low fees have cleared out all the financial and administrative problems faced by potential investors in traditional financial systems.

An idea about the Data Interchange Module:

The Data Interchange Module (DIM) cryptocurrency is a cryptocurrency which works on the P2P (Peer-to-Peer) model. It is a secure, robust and private digital solution. The DIM is completely built on the network NEM. NEM is a new cryptocurrency on P2P model and blockchain platform which has introduced many additional features to the blockchain technology which ensure the safety and security of the transactions.

It is not just a cryptocurrency, but it is a complete financial ecosystem. People who get ownership of the DIM coins from the DIMCOIN ICO will have access to the ecosystem and can get all the various services the ecosystem offers.

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Applancer gives the 15 of the reasons why you should invest in DIMCOIN ICO in this July, 2017:


The DIMCOIN is an analytical cryptocurrency which is available around the globe. It has very high transaction and confirmation speeds. Also, the DIMCOIN and its related ecosystem avoid 99% of frauds occurring in the financial sector. The DIMCOIN has an initial supply of 9 billion tokens with the starting price $0.01 on the ICO. The coins can be bought from any of the cryptocurrency exchanges like Bithumb, Poloniex, Bitfinex, etc. There will be provisions for the users to buy and sell the DIMCOINS with fiat currency or any other cryptocurrencies. DIMCOIN is even available in fractional amounts.

2. DIM currencies:

The DIM Currencies are used as the medium of exchange in the ecosystem comprising of all the services provided by DIM. These currencies can be used in all the DIM cryptocurrency using platforms for merchant purchasing and e-commerce. For DIM Currencies, there are no conversion fees attached. If US Dollars are converted to DIM Currencies, they will be denoted as DIM USD. Currently, only DIM USD and DIM EUR are the only ones available. After the ICO, DIM currencies will be extended to countries India, China and Japan. They have further plans of extending the services to Britain and Russia. There is a service called DEPOT-WALLET in the DIM Ecosystem which allows the exchange and conversion of different currencies 

3. DIM tokens or the DIMCOIN ICO:

The public can buy the DIM Tokens at the DIMCOIN ICO. Total initial supply of the token is limited to 10 million. 1 DIM Token will be equivalent to 100 DIMCOINS, with the initial value of the coin as $0.01. Token holders who are in possession of more than 50 DIM tokens will receive 30% of the total fee transfers on the DIMCOIN, DIM Currencies, and all crypto coin based assets in the DIM Ecosystem. AS long as these token holders are in possession of the tokens, they receive their commission.

4. Whole ICO structure:

The ICO of DIMCOIN countdown is scheduled from 1st to 30th of June. The pre-ICO will happen from 1st to 15th of July. The DIMCOIN ICO will be from 16th July to 27th August. Each person interested in buying the cryptocurrency should make sure that they are eligible to buy the particular currency according to the place of residence. 1 DIM Token means 100 DIMCOINS. Total supply of the tokens is limited to 10 million. For getting the commission of token holders, they should have at least 50 tokens. The maximum purchase limited to a person is 4,500,000 Tokens. All cryptocurrencies including BTC, ETH, LTC, XEM, DASH, USDT are accepted.

5. DIM Ecosystem:

The DIM Ecosystem is a blockchain and NEM Based financial platform that offers many services ranging from digital equity trading and marketing to fiat currency to cryptocurrency conversion. It's the world's first kind of systems because of factors like lower fees, the services it offers and the technology used for the construction of the platform. This system eliminates all problems associated with the traditional systems of finance. Each company in the system is a legal entity but they are all under a common group. Users of this ecosystem will be able to exchange their fiat currencies against cryptocurrencies on a service known as DEPOTWALLET. All the companies which are under this ecosystem will do their transactions with DIMCOINs. There is no central authority for the control of transactions and exchanges occurring in the ecosystem. 

6. Hybrid Stock Exchange (HYBSE):

Hybrid Stock Exchange is an online stock exchange platform that helps the small and medium enterprises to get investors and backers at an international level. Using the platform, users can send and receive cryptoniscid assets. HYBSE is currently migrating to the blockchain technology since it has decided to conduct trading via cryptocurrencies. The traditional equity markets are defined by over-regulation, bribery, long wait for approval, etc for the trade to even start. Trading on the platform can be done by the P2P process, eliminating the need for third parties.The DIM Currencies allowed as a medium of exchange on the HYBSE platform. Crypto based dealings will be transferred to DEPOTWALLET addresses of different users allowing them to trade. 

7. WISEConsulting Limited:

It is decided that WISEConsulting will become the agency which conducts the exchange for the DIMCOIN and DIM Currencies for different cryptocurrencies and the related conversions and also work as the public relations for the DIM cryptocurrency. WISEConsulting will soon start the exchange of fiat currency to DIMCoins. The agency will have no obligation to reconvert the DIMCOINS to fiat currency. By using WISEConsulting, users in different countries are able to get different prices of DIMCurrencies on their DEPOT-WALLET.


DEPOTWALLET is a state-of-the-art blockchain wallet that permits all the users in the DIM Ecosystem to buy, sell, manage and hold DIM coins and all cryptocurrency based assets. The wallet can be freely downloaded from the websites of DIMCOIN ICO, HYBSE, and DEPOTWALLET. After downloading the wallet, users can create an account and they will receive a private key. For a DEPOTWALLET account, users don't need to have a bank account. Users can view all the history of transactions through the wallet. So there is no need for financial recording. It also has new online banking encryption standards. It has the potential for use in private accounts and also for large-scale business accounts.

9. Bonus DIMCOIN:

During the pre-ICO and ICO periods, Bonus DIMCOIN will be presented to the early investors. If all the DIM TOKENs are sold out during the ICO, then no bonuses will be given to any of the purchases made afterward. The bonus DIMCOIN is a concept only limited for the ICO period and for the DIM Tokens, which is for the purpose of marketing.

10. Post ICO details:

At the end of the ICO, all unsold tokens will be given back to the DIMCOIN Foundation. If all coins are purchased before the end of the ICO, investments to the ecosystem will be then also accepted. All the supporters will be obtaining DIMCOINs instead of DIM tokens that were issued at the ICO.

11. DIM TOKEN Depletion:

The DIMCOIN ICO will have a maximum of 10 million DIM TOKENs. BY keeping the maximum price of each token to be $1, the maximum fund that can be raised is $10,000,000. If after the depletion of coins, there is still demand for the coins, then individual coins will be sold to the public. These coins will not be having any benefits like that of DIM tokens i.e. there will be no commissions to this kind of buyers like the token holders. After the tokens have been ended, the price of coins will be increased with $0.01 per coin when every $2,000,000 is reached. When $30,000,000 is reached, the DIMCOIN price hike will end and it will remain constant.

12. Trusted Fund-Keepers:

The DIM TOKENs available during the ICO is 10 million. They will be placed in a multi-sig account. From that, 9 billion DIMCOINs will be placed in different multi-sig accounts, with each account having a different amount. This is done to make sure that no one has access to the multi-sig accounts which holds all the tokens. The account managing officials are the senior management staff and trusted advisers of the company.

13. Benefits or the fee structure of DIMCOIN ICO:

The token holders with more than 50 DIM TOKENs under their possession will be getting 30% of the total fees earned,

according to the amount of token available. Fee-earnings are in the fields of DIMCOIN, DIM Currencies, Cryptonised Assets, and DEPOTWALLET. For them respectively, 0.1%, 0.1% and 0.5% of transfer earnings and minimum cash out of $5000 for every 1% action are enabled.

14. Voting is possible:

Voting is possible on the DIM Ecosystem for the token holders after the relevant voting is finished. The same voting system will be followed for company meetings happening each year by the backers and investors who have bought the issuer shares on HYBSE. Each Token holder will be able to vote for or against the decisions concerning the Ecosystem changes that are proposed and other changes. The DIMCOIN Foundation will be making the ultimate decision of accepting any proposal regarding the change of ecosystem. The token holders have the ability to send their suggestions to the DIMCOIN foundation, for each suggestion 10 DIMCOIN will be charged.

15. DIMCOIN Ambassador:

All the DIMCOIN Token holders and the members of the ecosystem can apply for becoming DIMCOIN ambassadors. DIMCOIN ambassadors will operate as local investors, backers, decision makers and officials of the DIMCOIN and DIM Ecosystem in their respective locations. They must be knowledgeable and innovative about the new technologies associated with DIM like blockchain technology and NEM network. Successful applicants can be DIMCOIN ambassadors for a period of two years.

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