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15 Insights on Corion ICO

Jul 05, 2017 Posted /  4778 Views

15 Insights on Corion ICO

15 Insights on Corion ICO:

CORION Platform, a combined and collaborated market with no restrictions and control can be the basis of a new financial and economic system. The Corion Ecosystem offers comfortable, secure, and fast financial transactions between members using the CORION token, which is the stable means of payment in the platform. It has many features like Corion multifunctional wallet, activity rewarded daily coin emission, Smart contract based P2P exchange and a simple game based on the SChilling's method. The crypto coin of the platform Corion (COR) tokens are built on the Ethereum classic blockchain and the token's ICO will be happening from 18th June to 30th July.

1. What is the Corion platform:

CORION is a Platform hosted on Ethereum Classic blockchain, built with 7 unique features to create the easiest gateway for different users to the Crypto World. The platform consists of different smart contracts based on the Solidity language. The features of the platform will speed up the development of businesses to come forward, as it contains P2P connections between users and service providers, a properly constructed incentive system, a user- friendly multifunctional wallet for interactions, a stable-priced coin, which is a universal payment asset, a secure P2P exchange, a premium token and a relaxing “game”, which is the basis of our automated price stabilization method. The opportunities created by Bitcoin and blockchain are used by only 8-10 million people. Corion's aim is to extend the number users in the platform 10-100 times giving more opportunities to nontech-savvy people and non-crypto based companies to become part of the crypto community.

2. Corion ecosystem:

CORION Platform is a unified market without boundaries and restrictions, which can be the fundamental pillar of a new economic and financial system. It can then be converted to the CORION ECOSYSTEM  which is a multifunctional PLATFORM for individuals and businesses to join a large decentralized network which is available worldwide which offers simplicity, cost effectiveness, security, etc. The PLATFORM provides and hosts; secure, convenient and instant financial transactions between members using CORION, our stable means of payment. It is a worldwide network of businesses and individuals reaching out to anyone who has a smartphone thus creating an unparalleled self-supporting global system. CORION is going to be the platform connecting mainstream users with the crypto world.

3. Why should people use Corion platform:

The Corion platform encourages the community members to build businesses and services on it. The platform stands the proof of the crypto newbies by being simple and easy to use. Everything related to Crypto is represented here (coins, exchange, payment, earning on coin supply growth, services, use cases). Based on blockchain and smart contracts, it is secure and money is made on the coin supply growth. Mainstream users meet CORION as they enter into the Crypto World. Because of the unique incentive system, each CORION member is motivated to actively use the Platform and invite new members. The Foundation is committed to find and invest in the most promising opportunities, APPs, Dapps, thus extending the usability of CORION Platform and adding value to the applicability of cryptocurrencies at the same time.

4. Corion platform marketplace:

CORION Platform invites customers, entrepreneurs and financial service providers in one marketplace. The Service Providers, services, marketplaces, community bazaars, etc makes the CORION ecosystem live. Service providers distribute the daily coin growth. Everyone from the community is entitled to become a Service Provider, and start their own businesses, acquire customers or connect to any business as a client. The system provides the tools and conditions to do business either within a local community or around the globe, wherever it might take place either in developed or in emerging regions. By purchasing just 3,000 CORION you can become a Service Provider and start your business.

5. Corion platform - Stable means of payment:

For trading with products and services in long term, a payment asset should be stable and predictable. The financial asset of the platform is CORION Coin, it’s stability ensures security to both service providers and users. It has built-in automated inflation and deflation control ensuring the stable price inevitable to carry out real life transactions. Because of the stable price, your products and services can be widely distributed without boundaries.

6. Corion Business model:

CORION Platform helps a nontechnical person to enter easily into the crypto market. Hassle free access may play a significant role in increasing the number of the existing 8-10 million crypto-fans to 100-200 million within a few years. The $51 billion market capitalization of all the cryptocurrencies will go up more rapidly while users will use crypto innovations and
platforms more actively. Their plan is to start the Platform with at least 20,000 users and 20 million market capitalization in the first year. But with their unique features and services it provides, It will be increased to 10-20 million CORION users, even 1,000,000 Service Providers and $10 billion market cap.

7. Partners, Providers, and users:

Using the features and all the advantages the Corion platform provides, more and more businesses become Service providers. Service Providers can acquire partners from their existing clients, by giving them bonuses and discounts. There are Global Companies in the platform who will be able to connect millions of users, and their daily contribution can be realized in lower prices, more joiners worldwide is obtained and more contribution to support the people in need is possible. There are two types of service providers. A public provider who have deposited 3000 Corion coins who don't have access to coin emission. A private provider with a deposit of 8000 Corion coins who does the coin emission.

8. Activity rewarded daily coin emission:

Coin emission makes the service providers and the users interested in frequenting and using the platform on daily basis, and benefit from it. The service provider will get a reward from daily coin supply growth irrespective of whether he has any users or not. Interested users can earn daily interest getting the newly issued coins through the Service Providers, without depositing or pledging your money. Getting the coin emission reward is fair and open to each member of the community. The CORION coin emission is maximum 2.5% daily. Users can earn predictable profit here which is the big merit of Corion platform.

9. Corion Multifunctional Wallet:

The CORION Multifunctional Wallet is able to do transactions with different cryptocurrencies and fiat currency securely and fastly. The Wallet takes the data from a full blockchain hosted by a server. A new user should register an email address and a password to use the wallet. After that step user can set the optional SecureID to ensure a full secured Wallet. For SecureID users, the server only prepares the transactions that will be validated with on the client side decrypted private key, so the server does not meet with an unencrypted private key. Private keys are encrypted with the AES256 bit method, secured by the user (SecureID), or with the password provided by the server.

10. Smart contract based P2P exchange:

The exponentially growing mainstream interest necessitates secure and easy currency exchange in the Wallet. The built-in Exchange is smart contract based. It excludes fraud and theft as well as costly intermediary third parties and executes P2P secure exchange transactions in the easiest way. Initially, ETH and COR exchanges are provided. The next step will be to develop an exchange system which can be used for fiat currency as well as for all available cryptocurrencies.

11. Corion platform - Gamification:

To increase mainstream adoption it is essential to educate the potential users and engage them in different activities and games. The CORION game which is based on Schelling methods is one of the ways by which price of the coins are stabilized, and it's also a great way for the users to understand the working of the platform. There are chances for manual play as well as automated play. If the player sends correct answers, they will get Corion coins as their reward.

12. Corion platform - Premium token:

CORION Premium tokens are a part of the Corion ecosystem. 50% of the funds raised from the ICO will be used for the advantage of Premium token holders. They are eligible to get the dividend from the investments of the Foundation. Dividends are given after a certain, fixed period.Premium token holders become the shareholders in the Corion Ecosystem. All the profits from different ventures in the platform will be distributed in CORION Coin to the Premium Token owners in proportion to the number of Tokens they have deposited.

13. Stabilization fund:

CORION Platform applies automated price stabilization methods. Since they are not enough to maintain the price of the token around 1 USD, the Stabilization Fund separated by Corion Foundation will be used to buy or sell CORION coins on the exchanges. Stabilization Fund withholds 25% of the raised ICO fund and 29% of the total issued coin supply. These interventions will be transparent after activation and they are activated only when the price increases or decreases reaching a certain percentage. Funds and coins are used only to stabilize extra fluctuation.

14. Corion Token ICO Crowdsale:

From May 2017, the Pre-ICO of Corion tokens for early investors has started. The platform provided a bonus of 30% on each purchase. Pre-ICO will last only for 3 weeks, with a minimum amount of 0.5 BTC equivalent to $1000. ICO is happening from 18th June to 30th July, during which the CORION Wallet will be available to anyone who wants to participate in the ICO. Pre-ICO participants will get their CORIONs on the very first days of ICO. CORIONs purchased during ICO period will be sent to the participants' wallets directly. Bonuses start at 20%, then they will gradually decrease to 3% over time. The COR (Corion) tokens are built on the Ethereum classic blockchain.

15. Spreading to mainstream:

CORION Foundation has its share in acquiring more and more users and Service Providers after the ICO. It has all the tools to spread CORION Platform to the world, but it is essential to have an active community presence in order to make the system worldwide. By spreading the news about the platform to ten people, others will do the same, so the CORION community will be able to multiply ten times. The size of the community correlates to the level they have achieved in the betterment of the world, and to the money, users make on the platform.

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