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15 Insights on Combicoin

Sep 09, 2017 Posted /  1770 Views

15 Insights on Combicoin

15 Insights on Combicoin

1. What is Combicoin?

The CombiCoin is what the name implies is a combination of cryptocoins, very similar to an equity fund in stock market.The CombiCoin will always benefit from the growth of the currencies asset backing it and at the same time diversifying the risk significantly.

2. Some features of Combicoin

a. Have a higher probability of increasing in value

b. Diversify risk

c. Always be 100% asset backed by the top 30

d. Be tradable on the biggest exchanges

e. Be a good start for new investors in cryptocurrencies

f. Have a price of that will only move up/down based on top 30

3.Combicoin's Smart trading software

CombiCoin and the assets backing it will be managed by smart trading software. The software will establish a controlled CombiCoin price and at the same time generating profit for Triaconta (TRIA) token holders.

4. Triaconta - The parent company

The vision of Triaconta, the parent company of CombiCoin, is to make cryptocurrency investments accessible to a wider audience by diversifying risk in a profitable way. To realise this vision Triaconta is raising funds through an ICO with the issuance of the CombiCoin and TRIA token. A part of the funds will be used to cover the starting costs of Triaconta and the costs of the development of the profit generating trading software.

5. Triaconta's vision

CombiCoin is just the first step in the vision of Triaconta. Triaconta is planning to add more coins that diversify risk and make investing in the cryptocurrency market accessible for a wider audience. This should lead to a higher monthly profit share for all holders of the TRIA tokens. The Triaconta business model and the CombiCoin mechanisms have been defined by a team of stock indexing experts, software engineers, entrepreneurs, legal experts and overall accounting and tax advisors.

6. CombiCoin Conditions

The CombiCoin will represent the top 30 cryptocurrencies, each with a weight of 1/30. Before selecting the components of the CombiCoin a preselection of cryptocurrencies will be made. In order to qualify for a position in the ranking, each cryptocurrency needs to satisfy the following general conditions:

The cryptocurrency

• Needs to have a market cap of at least 50 million USD

• Needs to have an average daily trading volume of at least 500,000 USD

• Was traded on at least three exchanges during the four weeks immediately preceding the construction of the ranking

• Is not an assets backed currency, such as USDT or CombiCoin itself

7. TRIA Token Characteristics

a. Token name: TRIA Token - Triaconta non-voting profit-share smart contract 

b. Technology: ERC20 Ethereum based with profit share smart contract

c. Token supply and Future tokens : During the ICO there will be an unlimited supply of TRIA tokens. The TRIA Token will only be issued during this ICO.There will be no new issuances after the ICO

d. Tradable: TRIA Tokens will be tradable on major exchanges.

8. CombiCoin Characteristics

a. Token name: CombiCoin

b. Technology: ERC20 Ethereum based

c. Token supply and Future tokens: During the ICO there will be an unlimited supply of CombiCoins. After the ICO CombiCoins can only be created when the assets backing the CombiCoin are bought.

d. Tradable: CombiCoin will be tradable on major exchanges

9. TRIA Token distribution and Distribution of profit share:

a. 92%  will be distributed to the investors

b. 2% will be distributed to the Bounties

c. 6% will be distributed to the founders, team & advisorsd. Distribution of profit share: The monthly profit share is pushed to all token holders automatically. At the end of the month the profit share of the month before that will be paid.

10. CombiCoin distribution:

a. 94% will be distributed to the investors.

b.  6% will be distributed to the founders, team & advisors.

11. ICO bonus

The ICO will start from 1st September and it will end on 30th September.

a. On Day 1: Investors will get +20% bonus

b. On Day 2-3:  Investors will get +15% bonus

c. On Day 4-6: Investors will get +10% bonus

d. On Day 7-10: Investors will get +05% bonus

12. High investment bonus

Minimum investment 50,000 USD / 42,500 EUR / 12.5 BTC / 150 ETH. During the Pre-sale and ICO period from August 24, 2017, until September 31, 2017, 5% extra bonus. For Example: When investing at least 50,000 USD during the pre-sale you will receive a 25% pre-sale bonus and 5% high investment bonus, totaling 30% bonus TRIA tokens.

13. ICO bounties

A bounty campaign is a PR event that promotes a project with the help of its participants and supporters. Participation in their bounty campaign is rewarded with free TRIA tokens that are currently up for sale. Two percent of all TRIA tokens released during the ICO are offered by Triaconta for all bounty campaigns. Read more about the bounties and how to join them at

14. How to participate

Go to and fill out the participation form. You will receive an email with all required steps and information. All non USD investments will be converted to USD by using the average daily ETH/BTC/EUR to USD price from the day the payment is received. Triaconta will use the daily USD prices found here:

• For ETH:

• For BTC:

• For EUR:

15. Buying CombiCoin after the ICO

The CombiCoin will be available on various exchanges after the ICO for the real time market value of the top 30 assets backing it. But when you invest in CombiCoin after the ICO you will not receive TRIA tokens or bonus TRIA tokens.

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