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13 Insights over SparkleCOIN

Sep 06, 2017 Posted /  3746 Views

13 Insights over SparkleCOIN

13 Insights over SparkleCOIN

Cryptocurrency adoption has been slow until now because the technologies were still being developed and the necessary infrastructure was not in place. Sparkle Coin represents the second generation of cryptocurrencies that will push through the barriers where the technologies have matured.

1. What is Sparkle Coin?

Sparkle Coin is a diamond-backed cryptocurrency designed to be a part of a new economic ecosphere, which is built on top of a solid foundation based on proven business fundamentals essential for real-world transactions. Sparkle Coin is a hybrid cryptocurrency possessing the best qualities of both POW (Proof of Work) and POS (Proof of Stake), providing rapid adoption through mining of Sparkle Coin as well as long-term sustainability through minting. Sparkle Coin is a managed cryptocurrency with full support from a company founded by business and technology veterans, who have pre-funded the operating company Sparkle Coin, Inc. for 100 years. 

2. How Does Sparkle Coin Work?

Sparkle Coin can be traded and sold for fiat currencies, providing immediate liquidity into CASH after the ICO. This is not available for the vast majority of cryptocurrencies available today. Sparkle Coin can be used to purchase products from some of the largest online stores in the world through, part of the Sparkle Coin economic ecosphere. Sparkle Coin can be used to purchase products from millions of potential online merchants wanting to transact in cryptocurrency, who cannot at this time without the use of VCoin Exchange’s payment gateway software and Sparkle Coin itself.

3. What Comprises The Sparkle Coin Economic Ecosphere?

The Sparkle Coin economic ecosphere is comprised of three main pillars: Sparkle Coin, which is a diamond backed, transaction-centric, hybrid cryptocurrency used as currency for this new economic ecosphere; VCoin Exchange, a powerful currency exchange where Sparkle Coin can be traded with other cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies and the exchange provides software and payment gateways for virtually any merchant to accept Sparkle Coin and other cryptocurrencies as payment for products and services; and,, a front-end order management and payment processing service shoppers can use to purchase products on their behalf from some of the biggest e-tailers including Amazon, Walmart, Target, Toys"R"Us, Bed Bath & Beyond, and Staples paying using Sparkle Coin. The products are then shipped directly to the customer by the stores.

4. What is the Goal of the Ecosphere?

The goal of this new ecosphere, comprised of Sparkle Coin and the related companies, is to utilize blockchain technologies to create a new economy that can be more efficient in its growth and contribute to the well-being of the world economy as a whole. 

5. Is Sparkle Coin Stable?

Sparkle Coin is designed for rapid adoption and long-term sustainability because it is a hybrid algorithm, which allows for POW mining of coins and also POS minting of coins. Real business relies on stability. Sparkle Coin, Inc., is the only company in the blockchain and cryptocurrency world to incorporate a fund set aside for the operation of the company for 100 years. Each day, the company receives 1,000 Sparkle Coins from an off-line managed and audited digital vault to help seed and fund the growth of Sparkle Coin, which was generated in the Genesis Block.

6. What makes Sparkle Coin Unique?

Unlike most ICOs today, which are only at a White Paper stage, needing the ICO funds to start development. The Sparkle Coin management group has completely developed the entire economic ecosphere and is ready to launch Sparkle Coin, VCoin Exchange, and There is real value in Sparkle Coin, Inc. and Sparkle Coin itself, not just hype. Sparkle Coin means business and it’s ready to conduct it today.

7. Why Buy Sparkle Coins?

When you purchase Sparkle Coins, you are contributing directly into the new economy we have designed. You are not investing in a company or the creation of a company. We have already done that and have even pre-funded Sparkle Coin, Inc. on our own for 100 years. By purchasing Sparkle Coins, you are putting those coins into circulation to be used for transactions such as purchasing products and services through and other online merchants using VCoin Exchange's payment gateway, or increasing the trading volume on VCoin Exchange. Your purchases of Sparkle Coins help to grow the economic ecosphere built around Sparkle Coin. The volume of purchases of Sparkle Coins has a direct effect on the transaction volume the ecosphere can accommodate. The higher the value of all of the circulating Sparkle Coins, the more online merchants and VCoin Exchange can bring into the ecosphere, which in turn will provide the holders of Sparkle Coin more options to purchase products and services worldwide.

8. How is the Genesis Block Set Up?

A Genesis block totaling 59,187,500 Sparkle Coins will be mined immediately before the ICO to be used as follows: 

Sparkle Coin ICO: 4,000,000 

Pre-ICO supporters: 200,000 

Pre-ICO work in trade: 200,000 

Sparkle Coin, Inc. 100-year operations prefunding: 36,525,000 

To be kept in an off-line, managed and audited account 

1,000 coins will be release daily to seed, promote, and manage the Sparkle Coin market 

VCoin Exchange 100-year operations prefunding: 9,131,250 

To be kept in an off-line, managed and audited account 

250 coins will be release daily to seed the Sparkle Coin market and operate the exchange. 

VCoin Mall 100-year operations prefunding: 9,131,250 

To be kept in an off-line, managed and audited account 

250 coins will be release daily to seed the Sparkle Coin market and operate the service. 

9. What is the Sparkle Coin Mission?

Sparkle Coin's mission is to create more efficient global economic growth and promote societal advancement by developing a platform that brings cryptocurrencies into mainstream business and consumer markets. By adhering to those practices,they hope to bring the world closer together by introducing a new universal commodity-driven economy that benefits all humanity.

10. How will the Sparkle Coin ICO Work?

On September 20, 2017, Sparkle Coin, Inc. will make available four million Sparkle Coins to be sold through its ICO to be conducted LIVE at Techcrunch's Disrupt San Francisco. Sparkle Coin, Inc. will be displaying information and answering questions September 18th through September 20th in the main exhibition area as a Partner-Level sponsor. On September 20, 2017, Sparkle Coin, Inc. will conduct a LIVE ICO during a special reception from 12:00pm to 2:00pm. The event will be live-streamed to the world through the Sparkle Coin website.

11. How does the Sparkle Coin Overview Look?

The Sparkle Coin Team requires, for proper operation, and comprehensive utilization, a cryptographic token called SPKL. Sparkle Coin is an asset backed cryptocurrency. Each Sparkle Coin is backed by $5 worth of GIA certified diamonds procured through established diamond wholesalers, which can be immediately redeemed the day after the Sparkle Coin ICO in increments of $500. However, if the price of Sparkle Coin reaches $25 per coin, the backing will stop. At five times the initial price, the economy built around Sparkle Coin will have proven itself and Sparkle Coin will then have its own intrinsic value. This was the goal from the beginning. The reason for the $5 diamond backing is to provide early adopters of Sparkle Coin a safety net for their participation in this new economic ecosphere. The maximum total amount of SPKL tokens to be offered for sale is 4,000,000. 

12. What are the SPKL ICO Details?

The ICO will be conducted thusly: At the commencement, will allow access to the Sparkle Coin shopping site. In the shopping site, eighty (80) blocks of coins will be displayed, each containing an inventory of 50,000 coins each. The first block will be priced at $5 per Sparkle coin. Each subsequent block of 50,000 coins will have a price increase of $2usd. The last block of the coins will be priced at $163usd. This is to allow supply and demand to determine the price the Sparkle Coin are sold. 

13. How will Sparkle Coins Be Issued?

Purchasers of Sparkle Coins who have pre-registered and funded their accounts on will be able to pay with their accounts at check out and immediately be sent the Sparkle Coins to their wallets. A SPARKLE COIN WALLET IS REQUIRED AS WELL AS THE SEND TO ADDRESS. You can download the Sparkle Coin Wallet at Guest purchasers will receive an order confirmation via email if one is provided confirming the order. Once the confirmation for the cryptocurrency payment is confirmed, Sparkle Coin, Inc. will send the Sparkle Coins to the provided address within 24 hours. 

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