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10 Top Crypto Casino tokens

Jul 15, 2017 Posted /  6398 Views

10 Top Crypto Casino tokens

10 Top Crypto Casino tokens:

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Here is the list of top 10 crypto casino coins:

1. DAO.Casino coin:

DAO.Casino was a protocol aimed at providing special advantages to all the participants involved with the platform. DAO.Casino protocol still requires a fee system, but the distribution of fees is a hard coded reward system for all the participants described further. There are no hidden fees. Security of the system is achieved through transparency, consistency and cryptographic verifiability of software used to automate processes otherwise involving trust, and economic incentive mechanisms for its human participants.

2. BetOpen (BETOP) coin:

BetOpen is an Ethereum based sportsbook which works on blockchain technology. It is optimized for tablet, desktop, and mobiles in both iOS and Android platforms. It includes 30+ sports, hundreds of leagues and thousands of events. It's a platform for live betting and there are a colossal amount of bet types. It provides secure data encryption via HTTPS. Within 2 months of launch, the coin has gained immense popularity among the sports fans. The initial supply of BETOP coins is 100000.

3. (GGS) token: or GGS is a big e-sports platform based on the ETherem blockchain technology where users can individually or as teams can play in many online games such as Call of Duty, League of Legends, etc. The biggest problem in any gaming platform is the fraud transaction and in-game cheating. The aim of GGS is to eliminate this via using decentralized, secure Ethereum for transactions. The ICO of the GGS tokens is happening from June 20th to July 20th. Usually, ETH is the token accepted, there are provisions of using other crypto currencies also by using third party crypto-exchanges. It has an initial supply of 120,000,000 GGS tokens.

4. FunFair (FUN) coin:

The FunFair is a gaming platform which works on the basis of Ethereumlockchain and has all its features like security and decentralization. They have solved the big challenges in the blockchain casinos with their technical expertise. As its name implies, it's a platform where the casinos are played fairly and securely. They have added a new technology called fate channel which ensures security and transparency. The token of FunFair FUN is the currency of this new platform.Every participant in the ICO will be rewarded for their service in this FunFair platform.

5. Leviarcoin (XLC) coin:

It is a gaming platform in which electronic micro payments are accepted. So to avoid all fraudulent transactions occurring, Leviarcoin (XLC) is introduced which works on the basis of blockchain technology. It is more precisely a software protection tool, but it's a currency too. Some of its main features are untraceable payments, anonymous transactions, proof of Double spending, etc. The total supply of XLC Tokens is limited to 5400000.

6. Tap project (Tap) coin:

Tap project is an Ethereum based crypto currency, partnering with different developers they are building a smooth and elegant platform which can traverse multiple games and platforms. ICO of the token will soon take place with a goal of raising 75,000 ETH. Transactions are done either in the form of Bitcoins or Ethereum. The tap coins can be exchanged for any crypto currency or fiat currency. Fund raised in the ICO in different percentages will be utilized for partnering with different developers, as rewards, Tap project legacy that is to be given to the stakeholders and investors. There are many bonuses offered for investors as well as rewards issued for users.

7. Neverdie (NDC) token:

Neverdie is a gaming platform built on the Ethereum blockchain technology and their NDC tokens can be used for a variety of purposes. Neverdie allows and encourages their users to create AR, VR and mobile apps. Currently, the NDC tokens can be used in three games namely AmeVRica, ROCKtropia, and AsgardVR. The Neverdie supports other ERC-20 tokens, including full send/receive/store integration for Golem, Gnosis, and First blood.The Neverdie wallet gives the users full send/receive control of  NDC coins through MetaMask, Parity, and the Mist Browser.

8. Battledrome (FAME) token:

Battledrome is a gaming platform build on top of the decentralized platform Battle Arena. It helps the users or players to create, train, equip, and build up Gladiators. These Gladiators can then be entered into events to fight and if they win, the FAME coins can be earned as a reward. FAME is the native coin of the platform and is built on Ethereum platform. The platform is considered to be the modern coliseum for combat of gladiators built on the blockchain technology.

9. Monster Byte token:

Monster Byte Inc. is a technology company which owns a suite of long-standing and profitable Cryptocurrency Gambling websites, all of which have been custom-built with proprietary technology owned by Monster Byte. It will be profitable for the users if Monster Byte tokens are being held in a WAves platform and exchanged through the Waves LiteApp wallet.

10. SpacePirate (RUSTBITS) token :

SpacePirate is an adventure role-playing gaming platform based on the Bitcoin and blockchain technology. The token of this platform is the RUSTBIT Token, whose ICO is ongoing. It is a counter-party token used in different gaming platforms. THe total supply of the tokens is limited to 100 million RUSBTBITS.

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