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10 reasons Bitcoin can't die

Sep 18, 2017 Posted /  8141 Views

10 reasons Bitcoin can't die

10 reasons Bitcoin can't die

Bitcoins ardent followers and investors might take it as a joke that it will die or crash down totally someday. Because of the reason that it gives some commendable and innovative features and which is revolutionizing the way by which currency has been treated and also the working pattern. It has a lot to offer yet, and based on the blockchain technology it will surely pave a longer path for itself. Some of the reasons why Bitcoins won't die are:

1. It has no single point of weak spot

There is no central server or code to break it down and cause the entire system dead in a jiffy. The most horrible that can happen is a hard fork, the acceptance of two incompatible edition of the Bitcoin core software, which will result in 2 types of Bitcoin. So therefore, Bitcoin users will make a decision which of the two to stray and which to be familiar with as the true bitcoin. There is also a likelihood of the 2 versions existing as independent coins.

2. There is a lot at risk

Money, careers and many other things are at stake if Bitcoin stops working. There are now many businesses and several of jobs in what you can call the Bitcoin industry. All the more, over a $1 billion has been invested in startups offering services and resolutions built around the cryptocurrency.

3. No Governance

Bitcoin does not have an apparent governance structure. No one body has the power and authority to make a decision on the way to the fore. Not even Satoshi Nakamoto, the discoverer of Bitcoin, has those kinds of powers. It has the technical ability to decide any clash It is agreement all the way. And the community can attain that through negotiations at hash power or the roundtables. The earlier option involves nodes in the Bitcoin network voting for the edition of code they want by accepting  it.

4. More people are becoming responsive 

Many people are aware of what Bitcoin is and it is leaving the kingdom of techie leisure pursuit and entering in to the conventional awareness. Not only as a feasible currency, but what it means to store value exterior of the normal technique, like cash, investments, banking, stocks.

5. Offering more services

Many economic institutions are starting to proffer services that interface with Bitcoin and as to a greater extent big players like retail chains, financial,  or even governments and countries around the globe that face hyper-inflation danger with their existing money systems are letting Bitcoin to help out to resolve the difficulty of volatility.

6. A safe option

People wish to believe in a secure investment, an innovative technology that substitutes banking, a technique of exchanging value for goods or services that suggests reliability and consistency in a time where their privacy is becoming extinct.

7. No other Competition

Struggle for leap-fogging Bitcoin is not succeeding (like for other crypto-currencies) up till now they are also being used for storing value as an option. Part of the normal development of Bitcoin’s adoption is inclined to be connected to its non-regulated, decentralized, and open source development consent. Bitcoin community and developers have faced security challenges of its implementation and scalability challenges, and acceptance by traditional banking challenges.  

Going through all of these challenges, Bitcoin remains to be the mainly steady and practical future reaching currency.

8. Blockchain support

Blockchain supported technologies outside of the digital currency are authenticating what Bitcoin is as a substitute. With further understanding of how blockchain can be used to encourage future technology answers, Bitcoin obviously fall into the discussion as like an example.

9. Limited supply, more demand

There is an ever-increasing demand of bitcoins as manufacture is limited. Governments of all countries are setting up tactics to make use of bitcoins as officially permitted currencies. Countries like China, Russia, US, etc are by now using it. There are more than 1000 ATMs all over the globe and they are rising too.

10. Must succeed

There are many other cryptocurrencies in the market, but Bitcoin is the brand out of all of them. After all it is the first Cryptocurrency. Bitcoin must accomplish something great and long lasting for the reason that a flourishing Bitcoin market translates to each one being in winning situation.

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