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10 Insights on Mass Cloud ICO

Jul 19, 2017 Posted /  2573 Views

10 Insights on Mass Cloud ICO

10 Insights on Mass Cloud ICO:

Most cryptocurrencies depend on large amounts of computing power to find out a long lasting solution and submit a PoW (Proof-of-Work) algorithm to obtain the reward. Examples of such currencies include Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum (currently), Dogecoin, and Namecoin. As these types of currencies became more popular, the amount of energy needed to run mining hardware increases. The barrier of entry to competing on these currencies is twofold and the costs of hardware and the cost of electricity is also so high. MASS Cloud Ltd. bridges the gap between ease of use and currency fluidity.

Here are the 10 Insights on the MASS Cloud ICO:

1. What is MASS:

The MASS (Masternode And Staking Service) platform allows the users to stake securely in different master nodes and cryptocurrencies. MASS tokens are based on Ethereum ERC20 tokens used for sharing the pool of funds staked from PoS based cryptocurrencies and master nodes. A fair share of rewards is paid out continuously by PoS and master node currencies to the staked token holders. Token holders also have the ability to burn their entire tokens.

2. The goal of the company:

The company's goal is to make cryptocurrency less resource intensive by using proof-of-stake implementation and to bring what it offers to the public by reducing the cost of investment and complexity in monitoring multiple currencies over multiple exchanges. They are taking all of the nuances of investing in different crypto currencies and bringing them together in a simple, coherent and secure platform.

3. Transparency and trust:

The company gives these two properties the largest priority. They have tried to build a platform that is as transparent and open as possible while offering the most security for all token holders. To ensure a higher level of security and accountability, all wallets under the control of the team will be multi-sig (multi-signature) wallets. Once the ICO ends, the remaining funds will be transferred to a new smart contract that will act on behalf of the pool.

4. MASS ICO Distribution:

The distribution of the MASS ICO is such that 88% of the funds raised during the Pre-ICO and ICO period will be used to invest in different PoS and master node cryptocurrencies like NXT, peercoin, PIVX, etc. And the rest 2% of total Ethereum and MASS tokens are split between bounty programs and prior commitments.

5. MASS tokens:

The token of the platform is the Ethereum based MASS token. Total supply of the tokens is limited to 61 million MASS tokens. During the Pre-sale the exchange rate will be 1ETH = 1300MASS. For the ICO, bonus tiers are as follows:  1ETH = 1200MASS (20% bonus), 1ETH = 1100MASS (10%bonus), and 1ETH=1000MASS (no bonus).


The Pre-sale and ICO of the MASS tokens have started from July 12th and will end on July 25th. There is a maximum cap of 13 million tokens reserved for the presale. During this time, all purchases will be given a 30% bonus. Once the ICO ends and the funds are released to a wallet controlled by the company's back end system, they will be invested into multiple supported currencies and masternodes.

7. Bonus structure:

The Pre-sale and ICO of MASS tokens involve a lot of bonus for the early investors.
For Pre-sale, 1 ETH = 1300 MASS (30% bonus) for a total of 13 million tokens
For ICO phase 1, 1 ETH = 1200 MASS (20% bonus) for a total of 6 million tokens
For ICO phase 2, 1 ETH = 1100 MASS (10% bonus) for a total of 11 million tokens
For ICO phase 3, No bonus and exchange rate of 1000 tokens/1 ETH is set for the remaining tokens.

8. Security:

One of the most difficult parts of running a successful master node is securing the server it runs on. MASS is using enterprise-grade service providers that offer DDoS protection, VLANs, and multi-factor authentication (MFA). On top of that is their decades of experience as high-level network and systems administrators. They have the master nodes on a private network with dual failover VPNs to a DDoS protected public IP. Should the primary address go down, the VPN will change traffic to a new DDoS protected public IP so there is no downtime.

9. Supported coins:

Some examples of the PoS and Masternode coins supported by the platform are BlackCoin, Magi, Mintcoin, ReddCoin, NeosCoin, Crown, PIVX, Stratis, etc. After the ICO and further developments in the platform, along with the current large list of coins, much more will be added.

10. Automation:

One of the major benefits of using MASS is the platform's ability to automate a large portion of the process. The company has years of experience in automation with tools like Ansible on platforms such as Amazon’s AWS. With the blockchain messages, their back end will automate the process of currency exchanges, auto-balancing of investments, reward payouts, managing master node instances, etc.

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