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10 facts about Giga Watt Coin

Jun 20, 2017 Posted /  4828 Views

10 facts about Giga Watt Coin

10 facts about Giga Watt Coin

The only full-service mining solution provider

Yes, you heard it right. Giga Watt, in the world, is the only full-service mining solution provider. Not only does it provide a complete package of all ready to use mining services but on the other hand, also provide different packages that are altered according to the needs of the client. Their cost-effective packages include full range of mining services, maintenance, and repair.


They are transparent.

When investing in something, a buyer usually demands transparency, whether in company’s sourcing capabilities or in the over-all working. GigaWatt, since their inception, has made sure that their working is transparent and up to the mark. A buyer can choose to tour their facility premises located in Wenatchee, WA for complete satisfaction. One can sign up for an open house which is available on their website and can choose desired time/date and done. Available on their website, you can also compare their offerings with the market price to ensure that your investment is going to be worth it.


 It provides a distinctive infrastructure

The reason that its infrastructure has been termed as distinctive is that it consists of a number of independent mining units and because of this nature, it adds a lot of valuable points to itself. This approach looks forward to minimize the construction costs. Also, while the other units get constructed, it also allows for the already established ones to operate smoothly.


Best at the cheapest

Their team which is inclusive of members with vast experience has made sure that best technologies are employed for mining. The members’ experience in building up mining facilities gave them the expertise in order to select, build, and lastly to employ the best at the cheapest. Their experience has helped them to accommodate all types of miners and to ensure that everything is successfully implemented, they are ensuring adequate solutions are taken up to experience cost-cutting. They have come up with different technology and finance solutions to finish as front-runners.


 Their hosting fees is variably low

Do you wonder how? They are a home to compact high-density facilities which ensures that minimum costs are produced and there is a progression in revenue. It utilizes readily available electrical transformers and switch gears.

 All hail Giga Pods

Upon their discovery that monolithic centers are not feasible for mining, the team came up with the idea of Giga Pods. These Giga Pods takes advantage of high power density. It also makes sure to avoid active cooling consumption. Not only this but to ensure that high-efficiency mining is generated, it also saves power and these pods can accommodate any type of miners. The pods have their own independent fiber-optic internet connection along with minimum processing power of 750,000 watts. They are also equipped with high-pressure fans which constantly circulate fresh air. Each pod also consists of single “mining wall” which is to make sure that miners are at ease with air circulation around them. Their pods are situated around grass-covered campus which reduces dust and cuts down filters maintenance cost.


 They are a success

Are you really confused before investing in them? Well, you shouldn’t be, because they are a success now. According to a recent report, in a blink of three days, their first two batches of the token are completely sold out and their third batch will now start rolling in September. Customers from around the world can invest in these tokens. The token holders will use the Giga Watt’s processing center capacity, rent-free for the lifetime of hosting facility.


 There are other alternatives for this token, too.

Once the buyer purchases these tokens, they can use the capacity of GigaWatt or else they could also rent out their own tokens to other users so, if in case a buyer is not interested in buying their own equipment and mining by their own, they can easily rent it out to other miners so that they could host their own equipment.


  Variety of plans

On their website, they have a variety of plans from which a buyer can choose from according to the needs. The small and medium plans are immediate while the large plans need a little time and extra large is available only on pre-order.

Provides an economic advantage

The mining facility which is designed and built by Bitcoin pioneer Dave Carlson promises cost-effective mining to everyone. By offering a low-cost mining to everyone, they want to make sure that everyone in the world receives low cost electricity. Whether large or small, they want the buyers to run their own mining business. Their facility provides the users with selection of smart contracts and adaptable functions and assures them legally while providing security at the same time. 

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