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Lightning Network, Explained
  • Dec 03, 2017

Any knowledge that can solve the non-scalability of Blockchains is value attention, time and energy. Lightning Network is one such idea.

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Who Controls the Bitcoin Network?
Who Controls the Bitcoin Network?
The Bitcoin network is basically a term used for all the nodes, which are mining the different transactions assumed by the Bitcoin. Since the network is constituted as “decentralized” or open source as it is developed on the blockchain technology, it proposes a reflection that many people share regarding the ownership or the controls of the Blockchain Network. What is Bitcoin Technology? Bitcoin is constructed and supported on the Blockchain technology. Blockchain is basically a decentralized database, which primarily signifies that it’s designed to store, manage and supply knowledge across thousands of servers. This eliminates the traditional data model drawbacks, which involves every client to connect to a central server to possess the data. Since many things have been explained about the blockchain owing to the Bitcoin Price surge, the truth is that it’s essentially an amalgamation of two present technologies – “Torrent” files and the “GIT” source code management system. How Bitcoin works? Bitcoin is principally based on Blockchain technology which operates on a distributed ledger, which connotes that its fundamental objective is to store the transactions in a giant digital ledger. Moreover, most of the people think that the authenticity of all the cryptocurrencies is based on the encryption of the algorithms for specified blockchain database. The storage of diverse forms of data in a decentralized network, answers the question of decrypted tokens which means that it is a method to reimburse server owners who impart the computing power to persevere the network and its operation. The computing power forms the nucleus of bitcoin. Unlike the other fiat currencies, Bitcoin mechanism works by encrypting the transactions data. It is corresponding to a credit card system where the currency is granted by a different financial organization. Moreover, the fundamental “transaction” record is not controlled by a central power, which controls the flow of the various currencies. This network and the related servers are designed in a way to update the Bitcoin database at specified intervals. Ownership/Control over Bitcoins One of the chief advantages of Blockchain is its decentralized nature, which means that truth is that no one can own or control it. The Bitcoin network is like any other network where people are working on ensuring that they are able to generate profit. These people have resources which are servers or nodes through which Bitcoin earn a profit. The problem, however, lies in the two different tribulations faced by Bitcoin. First, the service stretches out completely on the third party depending on the next servers on the Bitcoin blockchain. Sometimes it is very complex because of diverse reasons. For instance, for many resources are necessary to compute the hash in time in return for the Bitcoin reward as the miners will shift their computing power to other prospects. If this occurs, transaction period will be huge and the state of the network will reduce enormously. Secondly, the forecasters of the Bitcoin tell that since the price is bought or sold on a minor market, this will have completely no authenticity in the real world. As a result, when taking into consideration if the individuals will persist on their servers to the network is all established by the worth of a Bitcoin. It can be concluded that in question as to who controls the Bitcoin network, the response would be the ones of who controls an economy. However, it is not the government or the dictators, it is people who decide to spend their money in a manner they want.
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